Promise Me.

A sweet gesture from the boyfriend.

Hi loves!

How has the week been treating you so far? Mine was filled with quite a bit of an emotional roller-coaster, lots of sports (well, just an extra day of badminton), and heaps of attempts at getting back on track with my studies. Everything is building up and I’m trying to stay afloat. I hope that all of you have been having a great week. If not, there’s always the weekend to hype things up a little!

And just a little bit about my day today. I went downtown to meet an Interior Designer with my aunt to further discuss some landscaping details for a new project. Being a Psychology major who always had a passion for design, I absolutely fell in love with the office. It was filled with all kinds of wonderful. The overall design was simple and very minimalistic. But at certain walls, they had random colored items to spark things up a little, thus contributing to the overall designer-esque space. Room for innovation and creativity was aplenty in this office. There was sufficient air, space, comfort, color, and that plain black & white spot for when you need to go back to the basics. I was in love, and I was so close to asking him if he needed an intern. This little trip was truly the highlight of my day, and it really reminded me of my clear passion for design. While I currently am in my final year, I’m just really hoping that I will be able to pursue this passion of mine one day soon. Design is something I’ll never let go off. Or rather, I can’t let go of it. :)

On a lighter note, I’ve been drafting out more in-depth plans for my twenty-first and hopefully in a month’s time, everything will be settled for. While I have many things I’d love to have for my birthday, I need to narrow my wishes and ideas. You might wanna throw in some ideas for me, too? ;) I’d appreciate it heaps!

Anyhow, do have a fab weekend, all! Much love.


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This Heart.

“The way to love anything is to realize that it may be lost.”

– Gilbert K. Chesterton

I got the very pretty hook from my best friend, who bought it from the lovely RJB Stone store  in London. Instead of hanging my jewelry, I decided to switch it into a photo hanger. I made some floral garlands to brighten it up a little, and wrapped some paper ribbons around to add some color. You can see that I played around with three bright colors, just so that this photo hanger would stand out amidst the white and brown surroundings. :) It’s now called my little photo wall (‘cos it’s hanging majestically there, hehe.), and I’m so very proud of it! Of course, I’m planning to extend it further, somehow. We’ll see how that goes.

And about the jellies I made, here’s a photo of ’em! Don’t they look like smiley faces all around? It tasted really good, by the way. If you’re wondering what fruits I used, they’re actually sliced peaches and longans (which happen to be one of my favorite fruits!).

I’m so thankful that the weekend is finally swinging by again. It’s been a stressful week, and it’s bound to get even heavier than this. Have I mentioned how final year subjects can get really tough? Boy, oh boy. Anyhow, here’s to the coming weekend! Hope you’re all feeling just peachy, loves. :) Till then!

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Whimsical Love: Part Two.

Happy Sunday, darlings!

I hope you’ve been having a bright and happy weekend so far! It’s been a very lazy weekend for me but Monday is already almost here – time to get back on track with my studies. Throughout the weekend, I’ve been busy beautifying my little photo wall and making some fruit jelly for the family. I shall show you how it both looks like soon (maybe in the next post)! I’m really happy with how both turned out in the end, hehe! Jellies tasted good and photo wall looking gorgeous! But in the meanwhile, as promised, here’s Part Two of the lovely photoshoot I had some weeks ago with my girlfriends. Enjoy!

And that’s the last of the shoot! :) I hope you loved all of the photos, as much as I did. All the colors from the photos really do brighten up my mood. But, if you’re wanting to see how our first photoshoot turned out, click here, here and here! I promise you wouldn’t be disappointed. ;)

Have a blessed day and week ahead, loves!

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Whimsical Love: Part One.

Hello, beautifuls!

I’ve been away for quite a long while (thanks to the craziness of being a final year student), but fret not, because I know all of you have been waiting for the photos from the shoot the other day. So, guess what? The photos are here now! :)

Gorgeous photos are from yours truly, Sandra and the bulk of it all are from our lovely photographer of the day, Fern. A little giveaway on what to expect? Think helium balloons, gerberas, sunshine, shady trees, and us girls in our summer dresses! Hehe. With that, do have a feast, darlings.

Fern, Christine & Sandra.

Yours truly.

This concludes Whimsical Love: Part One. I will be uploading the rest of the photos in Part Two! So do hang in there, and keep checking back for updates. I hope you enjoyed browsing through the photos as I had heaps of fun reliving the memories of this funtastic photoshoot while uploading these beautipixels. :) Have a lovely week, loves!

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Keep Dreaming.

Just thought I’d drop by and write a little update. I just got back from an absolutely fun photoshoot with the girls! Remember the one I mentioned before about having a shoot with helium balloons? Yes, this is the one! I was ecstatic that it finally happened. We found a lakeside to use for this shoot. It was our first encounter with this lake as it’s a pretty hidden area. Different parts of the lake elicits a whole different feeling and world, really. It was beautiful. And a gorgeous day it was.

Will definitely upload the rest of the photos once I get ’em! In the mean while, embrace the week before it ends, beautifuls. Much love!

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In Pieces.

Hello, world!

How have you been, darlings? :) I have definitely missed you guys much. I’m back from a week filled with much work to be done as well as, some lazing around. Now the latter felt really good. I’ve got about a week more till the end of my holidays and I’m just getting the best out of what I have left.

My thesis topics are out and I’m to make my decision as soon as possible. I’m not entirely ready yet but as time passes, I know that it’s only right that I get back into my study mode. It’s my final year, and I just want to make it the best one yet. I’ve only got one take at this, and it better be a good one.

As mentioned previously, MOFEW happened just last weekend and we hit almost 40, 000 visitors! Can you beat that? It was absolutely fun and massive! I met some really amazing bunch of people there, and it’s been really memorable. This event is definitely for keeps. It’s just really good to watch things fall into place after months of hard work and having to know that most of the people who came were really glad that they had attended the event. A big thanks to all those who came and to those lovely friends who had my back in and out – supporting and helping out. Really, thank you.


Now the remains of my holidays are solely dedicated to me kicking back and relax – some time for the boy & a little me-time. :) My plans for my 21st are slowly falling into place. I’ve decided on a few beautiful places and am yet to choose the final venue – it’s all dependent on the ambiance and food pricing. I’m big on the ambiance, mainly. Yes, I’m very particular at that. After all, pretty decors make me go weak in the knees, any time at all. :) Am hoping to finalize my birthday plans before I start my final year, fingers crossed!

Well, here’s to a blessed Sunday ahead, lovelies!

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Here’s August.

Nine days into August and I’ve been having a fair share of both busy and free days. Just thought I’d share about my best Saturday, yet. It was just last week where it rained (or drizzled heavily, can’t recall) all day. The sun barely made it through the thick clouds and the drizzle. I woke up late morning, thinking it was still early morning, just because there was no sunlight to be seen at all. I was pretty much stuck at home, without anywhere to go, and that sorta concluded my Saturday. Dull, you might think? But nah, I had heaps of fun snuggling under my covers, and just going about everything at a slow pace. :) And not to forget the lovely hot cup of cocoa to warm me up. Mm.

A little photo journey of what I’ve been up to for the holidays so far:

In other news, things are starting to fall into place for the first Malaysia’s Online Fashion Entrepreneurs’ Weekend (MOFEW – a fashion event cum bazaar). Am really excited as it’s happening this Friday! All those months of planning are finally going to materialize this weekend. Those around the area in Malaysia, do hop on over to the Mid Valley Exhibition Centre (Hall 3) this weekend (Friday-Sunday) for the event, yes! It’s gonna be absolutely exciting (filled with heaps of goodies!) and definitely something you won’t wanna miss out on. A little more background to this event, here, and a gist of the excitement that has been going around, here! So be there, or be square! ;)

And that’s pretty much it for now. :) But have an amazing rest-of-the-week, loves!

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