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Stepping Stone.

Hi lovelies!

I hope you are well. Just a little heads up, I’m shifting to my very own self-hosted site, thanks to my boyfriend who helped me set it all up for my 21st as a gift. :)


Please do kindly change your blog links, or if you haven’t linked me, you could now. ;) I apologize for the little trouble but a huge, huge, thank you, loves. This new site is a little different because its main focus will be my photos, so each photo posted on the main page represents a post by itself. Do click away on the photos, and I’d definitely love to have all of you there with me as well. I’m lovin’ the new site, and I’m hoping that all of you would too!

This isn’t goodbye, but this is yet another milestone for yours truly, hence the major shift.¬†Updates on my wonderful 21st birthday celebration will be posted there. So do check in!

Am really looking forward to seeing all of you over at the new site. So yes, I shall see you lovelies over there. ;)


11November10 at 12:26 am 2 comments

Turning, Turning, Turned.

Hello beautifuls!

Turning twenty-one is definitely a milestone for me (and most of others), and I’ve made some decisions and to-do lists to accomplish, now that I’ve officially turned the big two-one. While it’s a milestone, I’m taking it as a stepping stone as well, to further improve myself in the various areas of my life that need much attention. No easy feat, but this is a step forward in realizing my dreams. :)

With all that, here’s to a wishful, and hopeful memorable twenty-first birthday! Have a sweet, sweet weekend, loves.


6November10 at 10:30 am 7 comments

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