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30October10 at 7:26 pm 12 comments

Hi, darlings!

It’s only a day away from November! How has October been for you, lovelies? My October started off on a hectic note, and it is ending on a less hectic note, thankfully. :) The past week was one busy week for yours truly, but I’ve been coping, nonetheless. Y’know, it’s only a matter of time that this year comes to an end, and we’ll be ushering in year 2011. Time really flew this time around. Do you feel it too? Or perhaps I’m the only one, hehe.

The boy and I made some ‘us’ badge magnets last week, and it’s in the photo above. If you haven’t already realize, it’s a Starbucks cup and a computer – I’m a huge fan of Starbucks (lovelove coffee), while the boy is into computers (he’s an I.T. major) – these are two very distinct items in both our lives, which really does resemble us closely. ;) So, I thought, why not?

And I don’t remember if I mentioned it here but I joined a badminton tournament last Saturday, together with the boy. It was a mixed doubles tourney which was held by my college department. We lacked heaps of practice, but decided on joining either way. It was our first tournament together, and our second time competing in a mixed doubles game. And guess what? We came out third in the competition, and received a little trophy with a shuttlecock on it. I believe we could’ve done better but I committed quite a number of mistakes which caused our downfall. But well, better than nothing, ay? :) It was definitely a memorable experience and having partnered my boyfriend in the tourney, it was perhaps the best feeling ever, post-tournament.

Alright loves, I’m off for a family dinner. I’ll be back with another post in a few days time, so do keep checking back for it. :) But until then, have a gorgeous weekend, beautifuls! Much love.


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These Sheets. Turning, Turning, Turned.

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  • 1. Bree Anna  |  30October10 at 10:45 pm

    KEWL, congrats S for winning :D

  • 2. sara  |  31October10 at 2:50 am

    congrats on third! that’s wonderful :) having your boyfriend be your partner is so sweet. the two of you are adorable!

    i’m very excited for 2011, for a fresh start and a new year! definitely realizing now how fast the year went and how much i’ve been through.

    sorry i haven’t commented much lately, i’m so happy you loved you parcel and your post on it was absolutely lovely! you photographed it all so beautifully, i sort of forgot it was me who had given it!

    it’s very cool and surreal to think that all the things that were in newfoundland a few weeks ago are now in your home across the world! the beauty of blogging!

    hope you are well and having a lovely weekend :)
    take care love!

  • 3. Amanda  |  31October10 at 5:04 am

    I can’t believe it’s almost November either! Where has this year gone??

  • 4. Candice  |  31October10 at 6:04 am

    wow third place after not much practice? that’s awesome!! I’m impressed :) Sounds like a good month; glad you were able to relax a bit after such busyness. Hopefully I’ll get to do the same soon!!
    I love those little magnets that you made; too adorable!
    Glad to hear you’re doing well, dear! Have a wonderful week!

  • 5. Erisha  |  31October10 at 6:19 pm

    congratulations! :D

    such a sweet photo you’ve got there of the both of you. And love the button magnet. Very creative. Very simple but nice!

    Happy Halloween, btw

  • 6. Lookingglassgirl  |  31October10 at 7:25 pm

    Thanks for the comment. I really enjoy reading your comments. I’m feeling a lot better now that I’ve had a couple of days off :) and I’ve discovered a few new programmes lately, so I’m unwinding to them.
    Badminton sounds fun. I think that sort of exercise would suit me. It’s good that you and your boyfriend can share that experience together as well.
    How did your 21st go? I hope it was spectacular.
    Oh, and Starbucks is amazing. I agree with you there. My fave is a Caramel Machiatto xxx

  • 7. chloe  |  1November10 at 6:49 am

    Those badge magnets are the cutest things!
    And congrats on winning third! :)

    Have a wonderful week ahead!

  • 8. Sara @ Purses Pastries Etc...  |  2November10 at 12:46 am

    I totally agree with you when you say that time has flown this year!
    Love the magnet — such a great idea!
    Congratulations on your 3rd place win!
    And… what else…?
    Oh, yeah… you two are so adorable! :)
    Have a great week!

  • 9. MelRod  |  2November10 at 1:02 am

    My October was actually a very busy one, but a great one! you look so cute in these photos. I can’t believe it’s already November. It seems like October came and went.

    Happy Monday!


  • 10. Georgianna  |  3November10 at 12:24 am

    Hello, dear Sarah! Congratulations to you and the Boy on your tournament trophy! I wish I could have seen you play. Our badminton games are over for the year, the net has been taken down and all the equipment stowed away. I miss it. But we are not as good as you, I’m sure. I think you would laugh if you saw our “court”. By now I’m sure you’re very busy on preps for your special day. Hope all is going smoothly. love, – g

  • 11. Rebecca  |  3November10 at 4:53 am

    i love starbucks too! and the badminton trophy is so cute (:

  • 12. Wy Lyn  |  3November10 at 11:23 pm

    sweet sweet post. I like how this post links to his blog entry which links back to your blog! cute. :)

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