Much Love Monday: Flower Petals.

5July10 at 2:22 pm 16 comments

I love: Flower Petals.

While it is beautiful to see a lovely flower with its petals still intact, it it also beautiful to see the petals on the ground, lying sporadically. Think a petal walkway and the likes of it – Totally makes my day. There’s no obvious heart in the photo but there’s one that’s made up by three petals, try spotting it? If you fancy, do join in Anna’s Much Love Monday bandwagon!

How has the past week been, lovelies? I’ve been away due to work and studies at the same time. I was trying to catch up with all that I had to do, and battled with revising for my final paper which just ended this morning. In all honesty, I was not really prepared but thankfully, the paper was manageable. Thank God. Right now, I’m catching up yet again with all that I am to do and will be starting work next week.

Why so busy? I’m part of the organizing team for a fashion event: Malaysia’s Online Fashion Entrepreneur Weekend (MOFEW) – The first of it’s kind in the country. It is to be held from the 13th-15th of August, 2010 at the Mid Valley Exhibition Centre. It’s a big thing and requires heaps of work to be done. We’re in the midst of further planning on how to make this event an absolute blast. I’ll definitely be posting some updates here from time to time. Other than that, remember my part-time job at the Kids Gym? I took a break this semester to focus on my studies but since the holidays are here, I’ve decided to start working again.

Also, for this holidays, I’m planning on another fun photoshoot with my girlfriends. This time, the theme is balloons. I’ve seen so many fun and sweet photos of balloons in gardens, with bicycles, etc (see above, and click on photos for direct link to the source). And I thought, why not I do that too? I’m really sure it’s gonna be heaps of fun! Can’t wait.

Don’t you think we look like pancake people with the pillow on us? :p

My best friend just left for London this morning and I’m missing her much. She came back for a short one and a half month holiday and now she’s on the way to London for an internship. The time we spent together was just amazing. Being girls, we had our sleepover a few days back and it was pure fun. From watching Dear John and feeling so sad throughout, to the pillow talk in the middle of night till about 5a.m. in the morning. Twas fun. :) I love how we can share so much with each other and still accept one another for who we truly are. Of course, when needed, we’d confront each other. But that is done with much love and concern. That’s the beauty of true friendship.


Moving on to the World Cup! I’ve been rooting for Germany and I was beyond ecstatic when they won their match against Argentina with a crazy 4-nil. I was absolutely nervous before the match till the boy had to tell me to calm down many, many times. It was a crazy match indeed. My heart kept pounding so fast throughout the whole match and every goal scored caused me to squeal and move about in my seat. I couldn’t jump up and down ‘cos we were watching the match in McDonald’s. And jumping around would mean blocking the people behind me, ahaks. Best match ever in this World Cup, for me that is. Lovely. ;) And again, their team work was and is excellent. But yeah, it was crazy! What made the win/match even more memorable than it already is was that the boyfriend watched it with me.


This is a pretty lengthy post but hopefully the pictures made it fun and bearable to read through. Hehe. Have a lovely Monday, darlings!


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Much Love Monday: Germany. For Always.

16 Comments Add your own

  • 1. heartofpearl  |  5July10 at 4:16 pm

    OMG i watched the germany vs argentina. and i was pretty much like u while u watched this game. i was moving around yelling turning. just couldnt sit still but gosh they are amazing arent they. such young stars they will get even better even after this world cup!! 4-0 YEAH . x

  • 2. anna  |  5July10 at 4:25 pm

    scattered flower petals on the floor is so romantic and sweet :)
    thanks for joining in Much Love Monday again! Totally appreciate it!

    oh, and that was so exciting when Germany won 4-0! They seem to make a habit out of scoring 4 goals in a match, haha..

  • 3. Short Poems  |  5July10 at 10:55 pm

    Great post with beautiful photos :)

  • 4. and flowers pick themselves  |  6July10 at 12:10 am

    this post has so much wonderfulness in it, my dear. have a fantastic day :)

    xo Alison

  • 5. chloe  |  6July10 at 12:11 am

    flower petals are <3
    but ballooned themed photoshoots and Germany winning is <333!

  • 6. Cristina  |  6July10 at 1:42 am

    I’m glad you have fun :)

    Good luck with all that work and everything.
    Hope the photoshoot will be good :)


  • 7. Sher  |  6July10 at 4:57 pm

    Hey Sarah, thanks for checking up on me! I love this post, so many goodies in it!

    Adore the scattered petals, they’re so sweet!

    And the exhibition sounds real fun, I’ll love to go if I’m free:)

    Oh, I was at the Stansted airport in London when the Germany match was going on. Everyone was ecstatic and I heard so many shouts whenever they score a goal. Too bad I couldnt’ see the whole match:P


  • 8. Cristina  |  8July10 at 4:37 am

    Thanks for the congrats!! I can’t believe it! :D
    I’m sorry for your part, hope the fashion week will be awesome!!

    Kisses, love!

  • 9. Georgianna  |  9July10 at 12:00 pm

    I love the flower petals, dear Sarah! Thank you for all the other goodies in this post – especially the balloon photos! :) My favorite part of the post is the photo of you and the boy – you are adorable! Big hugs and wishes for a great weekend. xo – g ♥

  • 10. Cristina  |  12July10 at 12:20 am

    At least Germany is 3rd! Congrats :D


  • 11. Cristina  |  12July10 at 3:25 am

    1st half over. A huge and awful kick to Xavi Alonso in the chest and it was just yellow target!
    Bored game by now.. not so much football.

    Yeah, I understand. It’s normal you don’t want us to win!


  • 13. Cristina  |  12July10 at 5:47 am

    World champions!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 14. Cristina  |  12July10 at 10:53 pm

    Yes, it’s history!
    Today I’ll go to celebrate (plus the San Fermin festival)!


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