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Much Love Monday: Germany.


I love: Germany.

Come on, it was a 4-1 win for Germany! If you had caught the nerve-wrecking match between Germany and England last night, you would’ve definitely experienced some major heart palpitations. I know I did. From an hour before the match till the 92nd minute of the match, my heart was beating so fast, that I didn’t know what to do. Not to mention that throughout three quarts of the entire match, I was entirely anxious and out of my seat, jumping and turning around in excitement (especially during all 4 goals and goals-to-be/almost-goals).

Much controversies in regards to the denied England goal (think karma, 1966) but nevertheless, Germany proved to be the better team at the end of the day. Despite being a big time German fan, I honestly thought England could’ve kept up despite that goal – it should have pushed them even harder to score against the Germans. All in the mind, really. England had very good shots at the goal, but Neuer managed to prevent ’em from going in. That’s job well done there for the German keeper.

I’m extremely proud of the German team simply because as they advanced throughout the group matches, they got very much better. They were focused and played really well as a team. I admire how their goals were planned so beautifully and oh my, their teamwork is pretty much excellent. Their strategy of spreading the English players apart, to prepare a clear path for the goal, truly worked. Amazing. I was really, really impressed. Such brilliance.

Now to savor the win, yet again. And to focus on the quarter-finals against Argentina. It’s your year to take the cup home, Germany! Fight hard!

Though one thing – I wished I could’ve taken Schweinsteiger’s jersey when he exchanged it with Lampard. :( If only.


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Sugar High.

Hello lovelies!

How has the end of June been treating you? I hope you’re happy the weekend is here! I’m truly stoked, for sure. Germany won Ghana in their last group match, making them the top of Group D. And on Sunday, they’ll be facing England. It’s definitely a big match, and I can’t wait for it! :) This year’s World Cup has been so very different, but I’m just glad that Germany finally got back on track after their horrible match against Serbia. Still, no time to slack at all!

On a sugary note, I baked some cupcakes today with my girlfriend. We tried a new recipe this time and yum, it’s absolutely delish! Also, we made a chocolate ganache tart, again. And this time, it tastes much better! Ooh, such sinful treats. My tummy is so very happy with ’em. Mmhmm!

I’ve got a whole week left till the end of my short semester, which also means, it’s the end of my second year. Time passes so quickly that I’ll soon be on the journey of getting my Psychology thesis done. A whole year filled with pages and pages of Psychology journals, experiments and lab reports. Such horror! But in the mean time, it’s time to get done with this semester, work a little for some pocket money, snap photos with colorful balloons and relax! Oh yes, oh yes. :) Optimism, full speed ahead!

With that, do have a gorgeous weekend, darlings!

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Golden Moons.

I heard the laughter of childrens play,
And danced upon the sunlit rays,
I heard the echo of silver chimes,
As destiny and love intertwined.

I dreamed a dream of endless time,
Where golden moons forever shine,
I breathed within loves purity,
The day you gave your heart to me.

– Extracted from an Enchanted Dream by Claudia Watenpuhl

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Le Rêve.

The many Polaroids taken in Singapore.

Hi, and hello all!

I’m stealing some time off my brother’s computer just to update my rusty little blog here. Remember my tiny rant about my internet connection? It’s still down! The technician was supposed to come last Friday but things came up and they’re delaying the whole process yet again. I’m getting really upset and it’s really making me miss out on so many things! Horrible, horrible service.

In any case, the much awaited update (with a lack of photos ‘cos I’m yet to get them) from the Singapore trip right up, lovelies! It was a funtastic trip indeed. The sales were really, really good – truly reflects how great the Great Singapore Sale is! The minute we reached our hotel, we dropped our luggage and off we went to the first mall! And from there, it was shopping till we literally dropped. We were so stuffed and tired that we decided to retire for the night with some good dinner. It was amazing how I finished shopping for all the things on my list on the first night itself. Have I mentioned how much I love Ion Orchard? It’s looveee! ;)

The lovely cathedral in Chijmes.

The second day started off rather gloomy ‘cos it rained in the morning. We grabbed a nice breakfast from McDonald’s and off we went for our second round of retail therapy. By noon, we were pretty much done and decided to head back to the hotel for a little rest before our dinner. For dinner, we decided to dress up a little and treat ourself to a nice dinner at Chijmes. Oh, the place is really gorgeous! It’s my second time there and am still lovin’ it heaps. If you’re ever coming down to Singapore, you should really go to Chijmes! I promise you, you won’t regret going over. Mm-hmm!

I guess that pretty much sums the whole trip up! The last day was of packing up and some last-minute shopping. It was a really good time spent with the bestfriend, really. :) Also, I brought back some things for the boy and I’m so glad and relieved that he really likes them, hehe. Shopping for a guy has never been an easy job, yes? ;)

The World Cup fever is up and about! I’m going all out for Germany, as usual. Who are you rooting for? ;)

Till then, do have a fab week ahead, darlings!

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Signed, Yours Truly.

A little something I made for the boy for when I’m away in Singapore. :)

Hello, darlings!

I’ve been away for a rather long time now, because my internet connection at home has been down for the past week or so. The technician is yet to come to fix it, sadly. On the bright side, I do hope that all of you have been having an amazing week and that everything is sailing in the right direction for you.

Soon, I’ll be boarding the coach and will be heading down south to Singapore for a short weekend getaway with my best friend. We’ve been planning to have this trip quite a while back and finally, we’re making it happen! Also, in Singapore, it’s the Great Singapore Sale! So yes, it’s hello retail therapy! It’s been a while. ;)

I do hope to be able to stop by all your lovely blogs (soon) after my trip, provided my connection is back up and running. :) Fingers crossed, all the way! But in the mean time, do have a gorgeous weekend ahead, loves!

Till then, heaps of love!

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