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Of Tulle & Thread.

Hello darlings!

And I’m back after some two weeks of disappearance. My finals ended just yesterday and the scent of freedom is so very sweet. Right after my last paper, my friends and I went to the cloth shop to get some material to get started on our very own tutus and high-waisted¬†skirt! I opted for the high-waisted skirt because I don’t dare to wear them, tutus, out. Though I did buy some rich purple tulle to attach underneath my high-waisted skirt to give a little volume and texture. Right up till 2 in the wee hours of the morning, I was sewing and sewing. And as of right now, voila (sort of)! I’ve got the shape and fit all perfectly, and I just gotta work on sewing up the hems, and the tulle. Excited much!

Note: It’s my first attempt at making a skirt (or any clothing) from scratch.

Other than that, life has been good so far. I bought some Eustomas (favorite, favorite flower of mine!) for my friend’s birthday a few days back and I decided to go all snap-happy (as pictured above) with it before passing it to her. Hehe. I’m working on my to-do list and will be posting it up soonish. ;) I do hope that all of you have been just peachy!

Till then, much love!


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Paint It Red.

With my feathered mask;

And my arts & craft box from Ikea.

A little distraction almost always happens when it comes to studying. Well, another two weeks and I’m done with my finals, then it’s hello holidays! And also, the best friend is coming home then. :) But for now, it’s time I get back to my books and try to focus. Hmm.

Oh, do have a beautiful Sunday, lovelies!

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Hold It.

Pretty little cupcakes to brighten up any day.

Hey lovelies!

It’s been a while, yet again. My finals are up in 8 days time and I’m far from being prepared. I’m really worried that I won’t be able to make the grades and so, I’m just trying to absorb all that I can before I sit for my papers. Brrh. That pretty much explains my absence and my soon-to-come disappearance, again. Do bear with me for these two and a half weeks. I’ll be back, fingers crossed! Also, I’ve updated my Snapshots page. Do have a look!

On another note, these were what I’ve been indulging in the past week (includes the first photo):

My favorite Tiramisu from Alexis;

Deliciously marinated BBQ-ed food;

A scrumptious Pesto Chicken sandwich;

And a fun & lovely study session (a successful one at that) with my uni mates. :)

I hope that all of you are doing just peachy. Do have an incredible week ahead, huns!

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Much Love Monday: Magnets.

I love: Pretty little magnets.

Now that I finally have a magnet board by my table, I’m going all magnet-happy with Kikki-K’s gorgeous magnets! Kikki-K has perhaps already won first place in my heart when it comes to stationeries. Love love!

I’ve decided to hop on the Much Love Monday bandwagon by Anna ‘cos well, I thought that it’s really such a brilliant idea. Apart from hearing all about Monday blues, I guess it’s time to shift things a little and enjoy this Much Love Monday thing. :)

Happy Monday, lovelies!

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This Little Bunny.

Happy and blessed Easter, everybody! :)

May this day of yours be filled with lots of sunshine and smiles. I know I’ll be getting my dose of sunshine on Easter Sunday. My church is having an Easter sunrise service tomorrow – which also means, a very early morning for me. Hoho. But nonetheless, a day to celebrate and be thankful for!¬†Oh, and speaking of bunnies… I was a bunny for a Christmas play when I was much younger. Hehe. When I get my hand on the pictures, I shall share ’em with you. A little hint? I was a purple bunny with an obvious tummy. Hee.

Have a lovely day, darlings!

p/s: These Lindt Chocolate bunnies are too delish! Yum.

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Hello World.

It’s been a crazy hectic week and I’m pretty thankful that the Easter weekend is here. I do hope that all of you are just peachy as well! :) One assignment down, and two more to go. Just needing a little breather for this weekend. What say you?

On another note, the boyfriend is back in the blogosphere (after a little push from yours truly)! His first post title; my inspiration for this post’s title. Let’s hope he keeps it up this time. ;)

Also, it’s a big hello to my new Polaroid camera! I had a tough time choosing between the white, white & pink and the white & blue. But I decided on the white because it’s prettier and it just makes me much more happier when looking at it, when compared with the other two. With this new addition, I’m determined to start on my little inspired photo album. Perhaps every week, I’ll snap a photo or two and paste it into my notebook, and jot down what inspired me. It’s been on my to-do list for quite a while now, but getting an instant camera was a problem. But now, it isn’t anymore. :) Mm. Can’t wait to get snapping!

It’s all about hellos in this post. Ahaks. But, a little exciting cupcake adventure with the girls to come when Wednesday swings by. Do wait for it! :)

Until then, do have a blessed good Friday, lovelies!

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