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Night Calls.

Hello, darlings!

It’s been a week since my last post, and I apologize for the rather long absence. How have you been, lovelies? I’ve been so busy with assignment datelines and I’m still not done, sadly. Far from done, in fact. Have got three more lab reports to be completed and after that, it is straight on to my final exams. The university has emailed some basic information about our Thesis requirements and it does not get any easier or more exciting. I’m really struggling with this semester’s subjects and I’m just hoping that I’d fulfill the requirements for my Thesis.

On a brighter note, I celebrated my dear friend’s 21st hatchday at a restaurant by the lake. We had our table outside on the balcony, and oh my, it was such  a beautiful setting with a gorgeous night view. The wind blew and soon it started to pour, so we had to shift indoors. The food was pretty alright but the company was just awesome. We’ve been friends for about 13 years now and to see how far we’ve come, it’s indeed a blessing.

Joji, Myself & Sam, the birthday girl.

Her little birthday gift from yours truly. Gorgeous, innit?

Another day was spent at my favorite coffee house, Starbucks. While waiting for the boy to finish his meeting, I sat and started snapping away at my cuppa, a serviette, and cup sleeve. Soon, I started doodling all over the serviette, and there you have it, one too many artistic (I’d like to think so!) shots of the same items. Loved it anyway!

My aunt from Ozzie came back for a three month visit and she’s all about buffet dinners. We headed for a Japanese Buffet and I stumbled upon some very beautiful blooms at the supermarket. I went all snap-happy throughout and here are some of them!

Eustomas are my favorite. :)

It’s the weekend! Do have a beautiful and bright weekend ahead, lovelies. Much love.


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Color Palette.

I’m glad to say that I’m pretty much alive on a happier note now. In fact, I actually feel somewhat inspired. Despite the heavy weight of lab reports pulling me down, the other side of me is looking forward to nurture this new-found inspiration. And it all started with doodles on a colorful polka dotted paper.

Oh, inspiration, please don’t go away now.

Perhaps what I needed was some color in life and little break from all the affairs of the world. A huge thank you to all of you who dropped little comments to encourage and uplift yours truly. It meant a whole lot. From reading comments, to having friends emailing and buzzing me online to see if I was alright, was really something. Thank you, and thank you, and thank you.

I do hope all of you are coping just fine. If I can find that diamond in the sand, I’m sure you can too. :) So, don’t give up looking, darlings. Do indulge in something colorful while you’re at it. It’ll help, I promise. Have a lovely weekend ahead!

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Waltzing By.

I have come to a stand still, where the world just rotates and I’m stuck somewhere in between. Not sure where to go, and unsure of my heart’s desires. Life can be pretty tricky at times and perhaps, that’s where I am. Right this moment. I think I’m caught in a time warp, sorta. But until I find my way, I shall keep looking, and looking.

Inspiration hasn’t been knocking on my door either. And I shall stay on my toes until it comes by one day.

I hope the week has started just right for all of you, lovelies. Because I’m only hoping that the week gets better as it goes. Have a lovely week ahead, darlings! :)

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Pedal To The Floor.

Hey darlings!

Heigh-ho, heigh-ho! How was the week for you? Just peachy, I hope. :) I finally got a breather on Friday and hopefully throughout the weekend before a new week starts. There are so many assignments piled up and due dates that are just around the corner. Sometimes I really wanna let everything go and kick back and relax but time beckons me. But anyhow, I’ve got the weekend (just Sunday left now) to loosen myself up a bit, phew! :)

During my sort of free time, I decided to fix my iTunes – arrange the songs, get the album art and such – and boy was it tedious! But on a happy note, I’m done with it! :D Everything looks so organized and pretty now. My current take on the iPhone? So far, it’s been amazing. Hehehe. I guess I’m really glad I got it instead of any other. And it’s even more fun because the boy has an iPhone too! ;)

I haven’t had much time to snap photos around plus I am yet to get a proper camera so I guess I’ll just share some of my photo loves from before, taken by yours truly. :) Do enjoy!

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A Few Of My Favorites.

It’s been a very stressful week thus far and I’m just waiting for the weekend to come. Even so, work doesn’t stop there. I am hoping to take a breather this weekend and it’s back to work again, from Monday onwards. It’s definitely a miracle how I’m coping because everything is just really taxing.

Just this afternoon, I had an experiment trial run & assessment with my Advanced Quantitative Methods lecturer and let’s just say, it wasn’t too good. Stats, of all things, isn’t my forte. Heh. But ah well. Let’s just get it over and done with. Was talking to my girlfriends about our thesis topic and graduation (July 2011), and you know, it’s really not too far away. Can’t believe I’ve survived through almost three quarts of my tertiary education. It’s amazing. Thankfully, I roughly know what I wanna do after graduation and which companies to aim for. Getting the job or not, it a whole different story now. But I guess, I’m really looking forward to the working life. I’ve had enough of experiments and researches.

On a lighter note, these are a few of my favorite things:

My favorite bloom, Eustomas.

Angel’s wings.

White bird cages.

Polaroids, and polka dots.

Head gears & white (summer) dresses.

Beautiful art / wall / interior decor.

And speaking of which…

Can’t wait for the Alice in Wonderland movie! Just another week to go!

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