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I See Snowflakes.

“We have only this moment,

sparkling like a star in our hand,

and melting like a snowflake.

Let us use it before it is too late.”

Marie Beynon Ray


25February10 at 1:04 am 8 comments

Something New.

Hey everyone!

How has the week been so far? The weekend is almost here and I’ve got heaps of work to do. Not to mention that I’ve got my midterms this coming Thursday. Hoho. It’s been raining quite a bit almost everyday now, helping to take away the unbearable heat that’s been lying around.

Went for Kat’s Chinese New Year open house yesterday afternoon with the boy. The food was delish. Loved the dessert, yum! Alexa brought her Polaroid camera with which we took some pretty photos. After snapping about 4 photos, it sorta went haywire – something to do with the focus and such. That ended our photo-taking spree. The boy and I got ourselves another Polaroid! This time, with brighter colors. :) I’ve stuck them onto my magnetic board at the side of my  study table.


Beautiful Polaroids.

On my magnetic board.

At night, it was yet another Chinese New Year dinner at my cousin’s house. And the boy followed as well! :) We had steamboat and lots of packet drinks. Played around with my niece’s toy poodle, Clifford. It was his birthday and so we decided that he should wear his pink Adidogs shirt. Real men (males) wear pink! ;)

The boy & Clifford.


Last week, my phone died on me. It was extremely difficult being without a phone. Sadly, I’m thoroughly dependent on it. Anyhow, I got myself an iPhone to replace my old Sony Ericsson phone. Camera wise, it’s definitely a major letdown – and I need to have a good camera (phone) around with me to constantly snap beautiful photos. But apart from that, everything’s been good with the iPhone. Perhaps I’d just save up to get a good camera. :) Just maybe. And I gotta mention how difficult it is to text with the iPhone! I’ve been having much trouble trying to send a text out – normally I’d take 10 seconds to send a long text, maybe, but with the iPhone, I take minutes… Gotta get used to it, ay. But nonetheless, it’s still a major blessing. :)

Anyhow, I’ll be on a hiatus for bit – gotta catch up on my assignments, revisions and other stuff. Let’s hope it wouldn’t be too long a break. Hehe.

Till then, enjoy your weekend, lovelies! 

19February10 at 1:15 pm 8 comments

A Little Too Much.

Hello, lovelies!

Both the first and second day of Chinese New Year is over and done with. On the first day, right after bathing and changing into my cheongsam, I went downstairs to feast on vegetables – don’t get me wrong, they were absolutely delish. Being rather atypical, I actually look forward (and really do enjoy) to vegetarian food, except the fake meat. I started snacking shortly after a few breathers and it just went on throughout the day. One by one, everybody came and it became really noisy to a point that I couldn’t really hear what my cousin was talking about. However, it was of course, quieter than usual, having the fact that my cousin brother’s in Ozzie plus his bunch of friends weren’t around to add to the noise.

My aunt, cousin, both my niece & nephew and myself. Adorable innit?

The ladies.

The men. And you do realize the ratio of women to men in this side of the family? Hehe.

Cousin Millie & yours truly. She’s like my very own sister, ahaks!

This year, the ladies in the family had decided to don cheongsams and my, did we look good. I’ve always loved wearing a cheongsam during the Chinese New Year. It adds that extra bit of tradition into the picture. My cousin’s family of four all came in the Chinese traditional costume and the kids looked extremely adorable, especially the little boy (who happens to be a potential heartbreaker)! I’m hoping that next year, everyone (hopefully) would come in the traditional costume as well. It’ll definitely be awesome.

Future heartbreaker, yes? ;)

The second day was spent at two of my aunt’s house and my cousin’s place. More on that in the next update, I guess. Hehe. It’s 5.15 a.m. right now and I should be heading to bed.

Have a blissful week, sweethearts!

16February10 at 5:20 am 7 comments

Hues Of Red.

Have a gorgeous (early) Valentine’s Day,

And a very happy Chinese New Year, lovelies!

The reunion dinner tonight is gonna start at about seven-ish. It’s been a long and tiring day so far, filled with heaps of driving around places. But for now, I shall treat myself to a nice and cool bath to destress and get ready for tonight’s dinner. Think, a relaxing peach scrub. Hehe.


Oh, and not forgetting another happy occasion because the boy and I have hit our three year mark.

Till then! Do have an amazing weekend, darlings.

13February10 at 6:15 pm 5 comments

Pink Blossoms.

Georgianna Lane never fails to inspire me with her lovely captures.

Hey darlings!

The Lunar New Year (Chinese New Year) is really fast approaching. It’s this Sunday, in fact! Family reunion is on Saturday night and I’m stoked. I went grocery shopping with the family last night and boy, did we buy a whole load of food! We’re stocked up with heaps of soft drinks, chocolates, cookies, Mandarin oranges, tidbits and all sorts. The whole kitchen is filled to the brim – doubt we could go for another grocery trip and try to fit the extra food in. Hehe. It’s all fun, nonetheless.

My internet connection at home went bonkers and I’ve been out of touch with the internet for about a week now. That’s why I’ve been away for quite a long while. I have to admit that it is indeed difficult to live without the internet, sadly. Even right now, I’m blogging from the boyfriend’s computer. I’m really hoping that my internet gets back up and running soonish else I’ll be missing for quite a bit again. :(

I’ve exchanged Valentine’s Day gifts with the boy (before the 14th because the first day of the Chinese New Year falls on the same day.) and guess what? He got me our very own personalized calendar! :)) Each page (or month) is filled with photos of the two of us. Now that’s no easy task considering the many photos we have together. Too sweet, too sweet. It’s sitting perfectly on my study table now. Hee.

Oh, and speaking of which, I can’t wait for the Valentine’s Day movie! Have you heard about it yet? Think Jessica Alba, Julia Roberts, Taylor Swift (!), Anne Hathaway, Patrick Dempsey, Jamie Foxx and a few more! I saw parts of it here and there and ooh, I really can’t wait to watch it. :))

Hopefully I’ll get my internet back up soon before Chinese New Year to fill you in with all the details. :) Have a beautiful rest-of-the-week, lovelies! Till then.

11February10 at 2:45 pm 9 comments

He’s My Favorite.

Twenty-three candles for the boyfriend! The shop only sold odd numbered candles so I had to get the other 2 (20) somehow. Hee. Now, that’s a lot of candles for a slice of cake.

So, the boy turned twenty-three yesterday! :) I can’t say how excited I was but it was definitely an important day for me and of course, for the birthday boy as well. No surprises involved, just a simple dinner and that’s just about it. He isn’t a fan of surprises, so this year, I decided to sort of plan his special day with him. Perhaps the surprise this year was having no surprise? Hehe. I wanted to bring him to places that he hasn’t been to before and off we went! We went out with a few close friends to celebrate his pre-birthday the night before he turned twenty-three and as always, it was a good time of catching up.

Childhood (Teen-hood) friends.

And last night, it was just the two of us at dinner. :) It’s his fourth birthday that we’re celebrating together and I’m more than blessed and grateful to have the opportunity to share his special day with him. At the end of his celebration, we both realized how rushed his whole birthday was – Running from end to end to get some other stuff done, braving through the jam and hoping to arrive at our dinner place on time, me trying to get his birthday cake from a shop that so interestingly closed on a Tuesday and even trying to get my cousin’s Micro Genius to work. All in all, I’m glad he really enjoyed his twenty-third and that’s all I could ask and wish for on his birthday. Am hoping it was all keepsake worthy enough for this favorite boy of mine.

A part of my gift to him.

With the birthday boy. Happy twenty-third once again, love! ♥ You mean the world to me, and I love you heaps.

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