Captured In Time.

28December09 at 11:06 pm 5 comments

Thanks to the very kind and sweet Vivian, the boy and I managed to get ourselves a polaroid! Lovely, innit? :) I’ve been wanting a Polaroid camera for quite a while now. If only its maintenance didn’t cost a bomb. Else I would’ve already be having one. Oh oh, such is life.

Anyway, a few more days and it’s the end of 2009. I just can’t believe how time has passed me by so quickly! In a blink of an eye, I’m already halfway through my degree and it’s only about a year and a half (five semesters) till I graduate. Oh my, isn’t that fast? About a month back, I was just talking to the boyfriend about my future-life crisis – What am I gonna do upon graduating? Which company am I gonna look for? Should I pursue my masters and PhD? Which field to be in? What if that’s not what I wanna do for my entire life? What if I don’t do well? What if, what if and what if.

And now, it’s gonna be 2010 already. I have already thought of some resolutions for the new year. In fact, I’ve been working on them already. Talk about excitement for betterment, yes? It’s that time of the year to kick back, take some time off and think about how 2009 has been and to plan ahead as well as ready ourselves for what 2010 has installed for us.

Are you ready for the new year yet, loves?


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The Perfect Gift. Love, Joy & Pain.

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  • 1. Mila  |  29December09 at 12:55 am

    Hi Dear!
    Thank you sooo much for your amazing comment on my personal post. It truly made me smile…

    Yes, I am totally ready for the new year, i am looking forward to the feeling of a new beginning.

    Have a lovely week, sweetheart!


  • 2. Sher  |  29December09 at 2:11 am

    Hey sweetie,

    what a great pic! I love love love polaroids too, there’s something so endearing about them:)

    Being on the crossroads ain’t easy, I hope and pray you’ll find your way through and stay on the right path! I’m not sure whether I’m ready for 2010 yet lol!!

    I love going to Full House, their white interiors and not the food always pull me in! I’m a fan of all white interiors:)


  • 3. suzannah  |  29December09 at 3:02 am

    such a lovely post, i hope you have a happy new year :)

  • 4. alexa goh  |  29December09 at 6:29 pm

    hey!! i have a Polaroid camera! heehee! I will bring it out someday to take a picture of us and I’ll bring it back to Aussie to decorate my new room =) =) The film is expensive though >.<

  • 5. Something New. « simply sporadic  |  19February10 at 1:15 pm

    […] do with the focus and such. That ended our photo-taking spree. The boy and I got ourselves another Polaroid photo! This time, with brighter colors. :) I’ve stuck them onto my magnetic board on my […]

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