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17December09 at 10:31 pm 4 comments

And I’m officially done with my finals! Well, I was done since Wednesday but I’ve been so busy buzzing around with various things. It never ends, does it? But yes, it’s Christmas time!

I went to Ikea and bought some wrappers and ribbons to wrap this year’s Christmas presents. I’ve decided to put in extra effort into wrapping the little precious gifts. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always put heaps of effort into wrapping gifts, making sure that they’re wrapped in the prettiest wrapper available and oh yes, all the corners and folds has to be taped well enough. I love wrapping. But most of the time, I don’t have enough of time to slowly personalize each gift. So that’s why, for this year, I’m making it a point to spend a little extra time beautifying the gift all the more. Hee! Instead of the normal printed wrappers, I have decided to get some brown paper and red & green ribbons to accompany it. Simplicity at its best, no?

Out  of the many presents on this year’s list, I’m done with my gift for the boyfriend. And that’s only one gift but definitely a big relief. I haven’t bought anything for my best friends yet. If only I had more time, really. It’s time to get head-cracking again! Heigh-ho.

Have you started on your Christmas shopping or gift-wrapping yet? :)


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Final Take. A Masquerade.

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  • 1. Love, S  |  18December09 at 3:04 am

    Haii :D I’m a fan of the brown paper packages tied up with ribbon idea! I haven’t got enough funds to buy gifts this year… I have a new boyfriend who loves Pearl Jam – So I wrote him a cover to one of their songs and I’m gonna sing it to him with my acoustic guitar but SHH! Don’t breathe a word!
    The botanical gardens ARE pretty in NZ – Christchurch especially because it’s called the Garden City. Our garden is right in the centre of town! Come visit and I will show you around for certain – and Froggie will come too! :D

  • 2. sara  |  18December09 at 3:49 am

    oh yes the wrapping part is the most fun isn’t it? :) and i’ve just barely started my christmas shopping which is kind of scary so i better get a move on!i’m glad our exams went ok:)

  • 3. Caroline Cakewise  |  19December09 at 6:02 am

    Congratulations on finally finishing!! I’m very bad at present-wrapping but I love it. Gala Darling once recommended buying lots of old charity shop books, ripped out the pages and using them as wrapping, which I thought was awesome!!

  • 4. PinkBow  |  20December09 at 8:03 pm

    this too was my intention this year… but i ended up wrapping on a hangover with very little time :( next year…

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