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Love, Joy & Pain.

It’s the last day of the year. Just about time for a little reflection on the whole of 2009. Well, where should I start?

I still remember what happened last year when the New Year had just dawned. I was sitting in the car with the boy, telling him how scared and skeptical I was to usher in the New Year. He told me that things were gonna get more difficult and that each year has its own set of difficulties. I just need to take one thing at a time and keep relying on God. And then he said, “We’re going to get through the year, together.”

I guess I could start by saying that this year wasn’t an easy year for me at all. A whole year filled with life’s challenges – heaps of rocky roads, emotional rollercoasters, getting used to new and strange environments, having my first surgery, losing and making some great friends, amazing and affirming journeys with the boyfriend, strengthening of family ties and most importantly, I’ve learned to fully rely on God through all these hardships. I could say that life has truly pushed me to my breaking point this year, many, many times. It wasn’t easy at all but miraculously, I survived.

To wrap things up, this year has indeed been an amazing year, filled with much love, joy and pain. As for the New Year’s resolutions, I’m still working on it. Hehe.I can’t say I’m entirely stoked for the New Year but I guess I am ready to usher in 2010 with new hopes, dreams and expectations.

Have a blessed and a magical New Year, lovelies!


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Captured In Time.

Thanks to the very kind and sweet Vivian, the boy and I managed to get ourselves a polaroid! Lovely, innit? :) I’ve been wanting a Polaroid camera for quite a while now. If only its maintenance didn’t cost a bomb. Else I would’ve already be having one. Oh oh, such is life.

Anyway, a few more days and it’s the end of 2009. I just can’t believe how time has passed me by so quickly! In a blink of an eye, I’m already halfway through my degree and it’s only about a year and a half (five semesters) till I graduate. Oh my, isn’t that fast? About a month back, I was just talking to the boyfriend about my future-life crisis – What am I gonna do upon graduating? Which company am I gonna look for? Should I pursue my masters and PhD? Which field to be in? What if that’s not what I wanna do for my entire life? What if I don’t do well? What if, what if and what if.

And now, it’s gonna be 2010 already. I have already thought of some resolutions for the new year. In fact, I’ve been working on them already. Talk about excitement for betterment, yes? It’s that time of the year to kick back, take some time off and think about how 2009 has been and to plan ahead as well as ready ourselves for what 2010 has installed for us.

Are you ready for the new year yet, loves?

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The Perfect Gift.

It’s that time of the year again. :) The Christmas spirit this year wasn’t too evident for myself (I do feel it a little), but let’s hope things change since it’s already Christmas. I guess it’s really because I’ve been too busy. Nevertheless, I’m still pretty stoked, actually. After all, it’s Christmas time. How can one not be excited about Christmas? I do hope that all the Christmas preparations, gifts and wrapping has come to an end because wrapping too many gifts can be very, very tiring. However, the end result is definitely what makes everything absolutely worth it. :)

“The greatest Christmas gift of all;
Was never placed beneath a tree,
But laid within a manger,
Beneath a star, for all to see.”
– Unknown

With that, I wish all of you, dearest readers, a very joyful, blessed and memorable Christmas! Have an extraordinary day, loves!

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A Masquerade.

Along with the boyfriend, I attended my annual ball on Monday night. The ball was themed a masquerade but there wasn’t much emphasis on the theme. Almost everyone came with their masks but they only had them on for a short while. I guess it was just the excitement that tags along with the whole masked theme. Still fun, nonetheless. I was too excited to bring my mask along, hehe.

Boyfriend. :)

The girlfriends.

The boyfriends.

My girlfriend. It’s amazing how we’ve gone through almost similar things! ;)

The food that night was absolutely scrumptious. They had everything from chicken to fish, lamb to beef, and even prawn to crabs. The boy and I grabbed a whole lot of food on our plates. I gave up earlier, having my stomach all bloated up while he kept on going. Hurr. There was a handful of awesome performances like having my lecturers and tutors play and sing in a band. And I gotta admit, they were really, really good! That is one part of them nobody will ever see when in class. I was very much impressed, and I’m sure many others were equally impressed as well. A local renowned stand-up comedian, Harith Iskandar, also marked his presence by coming in at the end of the night.

All in all, it was truly a fantastic and a memorable night. What else can be better than having an amazing bunch of people at the table, a darling boyfriend, delicious food and good performances. Too bad there wasn’t enough time for the slow dance at the end. But at least I went home with six helium balloons and a booklet that had my name printed in it! Such joy.

Also, it’s Christmas Eve today! I’m officially (sorta) done with my presents for this year and yes, I’ve had enough of wrapping for the year. It’s too much, really. But anyhow, have an amazing and thoughtful Christmas this year, darlings!

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Colored Swirls.

And I’m officially done with my finals! Well, I was done since Wednesday but I’ve been so busy buzzing around with various things. It never ends, does it? But yes, it’s Christmas time!

I went to Ikea and bought some wrappers and ribbons to wrap this year’s Christmas presents. I’ve decided to put in extra effort into wrapping the little precious gifts. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always put heaps of effort into wrapping gifts, making sure that they’re wrapped in the prettiest wrapper available and oh yes, all the corners and folds has to be taped well enough. I love wrapping. But most of the time, I don’t have enough of time to slowly personalize each gift. So that’s why, for this year, I’m making it a point to spend a little extra time beautifying the gift all the more. Hee! Instead of the normal printed wrappers, I have decided to get some brown paper and red & green ribbons to accompany it. Simplicity at its best, no?

Out  of the many presents on this year’s list, I’m done with my gift for the boyfriend. And that’s only one gift but definitely a big relief. I haven’t bought anything for my best friends yet. If only I had more time, really. It’s time to get head-cracking again! Heigh-ho.

Have you started on your Christmas shopping or gift-wrapping yet? :)

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Final Take.

Hello, loves! I’ve got two more final exam papers to sit for and I am done for the semester and the year. Somebody say hooray? Don’t worry, I’m still surviving in here! It’s been pretty alright so far – hovering between a good and not so good post-exam feeling. Anyhow, in the mean time, I’d like to share some beautiful photo finds from here. Alternatively, you could always click on them, photos, and you’ll be linked back to the source (the same goes to every photo posted in this blog. if they’re without links, then they’re taken and belong solely to yours truly). :)

I’m absolutely smitten by Anna Inghardt’s work of art through her gorgeous photos. She’s one extremely talented soul. Gotta love her photos! While I revise for my last two papers, I hope your week finds you well. It’s the week before Christmas, so what’re you waiting for? Go out and treat yourself to something sweet before the year ends. I know I surely will do that after my finals are over. ;) Hehe.

Have an awesome week ahead, lovelies.

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A Girl’s Dream.

If there was one place I’d really want to go in this life of mine, it would definitely be New York.

My good friend, Rachel, came home from New York along with some very, very lovely things – the pendant as pictured above as well as an I NY t-shirt. She knows the extent of my love for New York and how much I have been wanting to go over. It’ll be a good idea to wear this pendant around, reminding me of my dream ever since I was a wee little girl. I shall save up for a New York trip, defo.

Where is that one place you’d love to visit in this life of yours? :)

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