Pack Away.

23November09 at 8:51 pm 3 comments

I’m done with all assessments for this semester and the only thing left undone is my semester finals. Hmm. Not really looking forward to it though. However, what is keeping me motivated is my long awaited holidays at the end of December, oh yeah. Can’t wait. Girlfriends will be home then. Hooray!

So while I was away, the ever so thoughtful and sweet Chloe from Collapse Into Me, Tired with Joy, had awarded me with the “Awesome Blogger” award. This award comes with two rules: List seven facts about yourself and pass the award on to others. Here goes!

  1. I absolutely lovelove the beach & stargazing! – It’s so serene and beautiful, really.
  2. I get very excited when buying presents or little gifts for my loved ones.
  3. I am very particular about cutting my nails. – They need to be even on all sides, and I spend about an hour standardizing them. Hehe.
  4. Starbucks, flowers, ice-cream and chocolates always, always makes me happy.
  5. I love babies and toddlers!
  6. I’m always passionate about artsy stuff. – Anything that has the creative element in it truly excites me.
  7. I love my nails red. Rawrr.

I shall pass this award on to the lovely and very well-deserved *Valentine* & Restless Hearts.

Also, I’ll be away from tomorrow till Thursday on a little shopping getaway to Singapore. Yupp, will be heading down south, baby. This trip came as a blessing and I’m really thankful. It’s about time I got my getaway from all the workload. I’m really excited ‘cos for the first time, I’ll be able to see Orchard Road beautifully decorated for Christmas. And I’m making it a point to check their new malls. They’ve got amazing architecture and interior design, so I heard. I’ve got a soft spot for all things artistic and creative, really. Mm.

I’m off to make some Christmas cards to be sold to my aunt! :) Have a fantastic week ahead, darlings.


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Heigh-Ho. Crossing Over.

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  • 1. *Valentine*  |  23November09 at 9:27 pm

    I love my nails red too!!!

    Thanx so much for the Award my dear!
    I’ll answer it next post I’ll write on my blog…I just put a new one a few seconds ago…^^

    I hope you’re ok & happy!

    Take care!

  • 2. Lookingglassgirl  |  24November09 at 9:36 pm

    Beautiful image! Enjoy Singapore.

  • 3. Sarah  |  3December09 at 2:54 pm

    *Valentine*: Red nails are absolute love, innit? You’re most welcome, sweetie. Can’t wait to read 7 facts about yourself! x

    Looking Glass Girl: Thanks, love! – I definitely enjoyed Singapore! ♥

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