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Crossing Over.

Confession: I had a very, very satisfying shopping spree the past few days; an excellent retail therapy, indeed. Happy sigh.

A little walk through my little shopping trip down south that lasted me for about three days and two nights. I went to Singapore with two of my aunts wanting to shop quite a bit. We arrived in the afternoon, dropped our luggages at the hotel and off we walked along the infamous Orchard Road of Singapore. Ah, bliss. We rushed to grab a quick bite and continued shopping all the more. By evening, we journeyed to my grand uncle’s place in Mt. Sinai. Oh my, his apartment unit was beyond gorgeous and all decorated for Christmas already (as pictured in the first two photos)! Not to mention, my cute four-month-old cousin! He’s like a little Michelin (the tire brand) boy – yeah, he’s that chubby. Flabs all around, no kid. Too cute!

Aight, moving on to the beauty of Orchard Road during the Christmas season…

Ion Orchard was just amazing. Loved everything about this new mall! – Both inside & outside. Lovelove.

The Christmas decorations along the whole street was plain fantastic. The glittering lights and all things Christmas was seen everywhere. Everywhere! I felt so satisfied – I’ve been wanting to experience the beauty of Orchard Road during Christmas for many years now and this year, I finally experienced it. Twas amazing! This year, there were three colors – blue (the most beautiful), orange and red. The street was divided into three sections, all color coordinated. Each shopping mall displayed their own identity and creativity through their decorations. It was all too beautiful. This year’s decorations are apparently the best yet. Ah, I’m so satisfied. I totally loved the decorations. Gorgeous, gorgeous!

Notice the little entrance?

This is what it’s like inside the big Christmas tree. :) Such beauty!

I’m thinking of going back again in December, hehe!


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Pack Away.

I’m done with all assessments for this semester and the only thing left undone is my semester finals. Hmm. Not really looking forward to it though. However, what is keeping me motivated is my long awaited holidays at the end of December, oh yeah. Can’t wait. Girlfriends will be home then. Hooray!

So while I was away, the ever so thoughtful and sweet Chloe from Collapse Into Me, Tired with Joy, had awarded me with the “Awesome Blogger” award. This award comes with two rules: List seven facts about yourself and pass the award on to others. Here goes!

  1. I absolutely lovelove the beach & stargazing! – It’s so serene and beautiful, really.
  2. I get very excited when buying presents or little gifts for my loved ones.
  3. I am very particular about cutting my nails. – They need to be even on all sides, and I spend about an hour standardizing them. Hehe.
  4. Starbucks, flowers, ice-cream and chocolates always, always makes me happy.
  5. I love babies and toddlers!
  6. I’m always passionate about artsy stuff. – Anything that has the creative element in it truly excites me.
  7. I love my nails red. Rawrr.

I shall pass this award on to the lovely and very well-deserved *Valentine* & Restless Hearts.

Also, I’ll be away from tomorrow till Thursday on a little shopping getaway to Singapore. Yupp, will be heading down south, baby. This trip came as a blessing and I’m really thankful. It’s about time I got my getaway from all the workload. I’m really excited ‘cos for the first time, I’ll be able to see Orchard Road beautifully decorated for Christmas. And I’m making it a point to check their new malls. They’ve got amazing architecture and interior design, so I heard. I’ve got a soft spot for all things artistic and creative, really. Mm.

I’m off to make some Christmas cards to be sold to my aunt! :) Have a fantastic week ahead, darlings.

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It is that time of the semester again when everybody gets extra busy with assignments, presentations and lab reports. Well, at least I know that holds true for my fellow Psychology students and I.

I’ve got a BioPsychology test tomorrow. BioPsychology truly spells out suicidal for me, no kid. However I do feel slightly more prepared than I was for the first test I had. So yes, we shall keep our fingers crossed! Then on Saturday, it is the Psychology colloquium and I am one of the presenters, hoho. Once you’re in your second year, everything just gets tougher and tougher. Chup chup!

There has been some changes at home and I’ll be shifting over to the bigger room next door. I’m too excited to shift over because I’ll be able to decorate my own space with my very interesting ideas! Think photo wall, film strips, standing lamp with photos on the sides (DIY, defo.), new bookshelf and study table, etc. The list just goes on and I can’t wait to start utilizing my creative juices once again! I’ve always wanted to do all these interior design bits. Oh, the love.

And Christmas is coming up! I love Christmas. I’ve always loved a white Christmas but that ain’t gonna happen here, ever. I could opt for a red Christmas nonetheless but it’ll never elicit the same feeling, really. Stepping into Starbucks some four times really does put me in the Christmas mood. Can’t wait to spend my Christmas with my loved ones – that’s usually the best part. And I will need to start on my Christmas list soonish. Though it’s gonna be a very tiny list this year – money and time (my finals end on the sixteenth of December) don’t come easy y’all.

Alright, before I get too carried away with happy Christmas thoughts, I should definitely continue revising BioPsychology. Time to pucker up!

Have a happy Monday. :)

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A Cup Of Delight.

“Each cup of tea represents an imaginary voyage.”

– Catherine Douzel


Everyday now, a cup of tea faithfully accompanies me throughout the massive workload that I have piled on my shoulders. It never fails to make stress a tad bit easier to endure. Both tea and coffee serves me too well – anytime, anywhere; they’re absolute love, definitely.

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Joyeaux Anniversaire.

I celebrated my twentieth with my dearest boyfriend and he made it absolutely wonderful and memorable. It was definitely keepsake worthy. Then again, what do we both do that isn’t keepsake worthy?

My birthday started off with an influx of text messages, Facebook wall posts and emails at the stroke of midnight and lasted throughout the whole day. Along with Jan, this is what happened in the afternoon:

  • He snuggled an envelope into my bag (birthday card! it was so sweet, hehe. i love cards – they mean the most, really);
  • We watched The Time Traveler’s Wife;
  • Had chicken and waffles for lunch;
  • Searched for masquerade masks & my birthday present;
  • He bought me three helium balloons (the colors were meant to be – our little secret);
  • Walked and shopped a little;
  • We went to get my favorite Tiramisu cake from Alexis;
  • He bought me three gorgeous roses.

The boy who made it all so magical.

He had to go for his night class after that so he dropped me home. After his class, he came to fetch me and we headed for dinner. I had no clue on where we were going though I could only think of one place. And true enough, we went to that place for dinner. Think dinner by the lake, with fairy lights and soothing music. Oh, not to forget that the food was so awesome. We were both stuffed by the end of the night (midnight actually).

Thank you for such a lovely night, babe. You’re just so amazing. We’ve celebrated each other’s twentieth together and here’s to many more birthdays together. :)

I love you truckloads!

And the other happy things I received;

A lovely watch to replace my stolen one.

Snail mail from the UK and Australia. :)

The tumbler! Finally, a pretty design! And it’s mine, hehe!

Honestly, I’ve never been so blessed with so many lovely things on a birthday before. And I’m so thankful to God for this magical twentieth. This has gotta be the best birthday ever and the most memorable one too. A big thank you to all of you who wished me on my twentieth. It really meant a lot. :) Much love!

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Behind Masks.

Love both Nate and Jenny’s mask – something I’m looking for; a metal butterfly mask.

The Psychology Department in uni is having a masquerade ball at the end of the year and I’m pretty ecstatic about it. All the while, it was only thoughts and wants of attending a masquerade ball – but now, it is really happening! How awesome is that? I have not yet confirmed my attendance but I surely do hope I can make it. It’ll be so much fun. Don’t you think?

I was also asked to be a part of the committee – to head the ballroom interior design team. And those who know me well enough would know that I absolutely love interior designing (my first career option) and this is like right on target! I am yet to say yes, though I sorta said a partial yes, due to current workload and responsibilities that are pretty heavy. But yes, I’m too excited to be a part of it.

I’ve been looking for for mask designs and have stumbled upon a few lovely ones. It’s really between a mask with sequins and a feather or a metal mask with glitter. I am yet to find one that I can truly settle on and not get tempted anymore. I found a mask designer though there are some limitations. I’ll have to see how it goes. Else I’ll probably make my own. :)

Some of the masks that I’ve been eyeing…

Too gorgeous! If only I could get my hands on this.

Couple masks ;)

So, what do you think? :)

My dress might be either purple or black. I’m gonna be tailoring my dress, the design is so lovely! – I designed my dress like about a month back, hehe. Yeah, I was excited to tailor a new dress – I love designing (another career option before Psychology, really). But I don’t know what colored mask I should get – black or white? I’m more towards black but it all depends. Hmm, feathered or metal?

Oh such dilemmas.

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