Catching Up.

29September09 at 6:31 pm 5 comments

Doesn’t this remind you of the lifehouse in The O.C. (I lovelove The O.C.!)? I wished I had one to run to every time I needed a getaway (like now..), just like how Marissa always did.

So, I’m starting my new job tomorrow and am pretty excited! Let’s hope the kiddos don’t get too wild and pull me down somehow, haha.

Assignments are really piling up. I’ve got an experiment to run once the Ethics Review Board approves of the proposal; a content analysis assignment that deals with an archival research; a case study of a certain disorder which requires me to visit various centers for more in-depth information on patients and the nature of their sickness; and the rest are just journals and paper work. Oh, I’ve got a BioPsych test next week and mid semester exams the following week. Pfft.

I might be able to catch the All-American Rejects live in Malaysia! Though that very well depends if my friend is able to get the tickets for me, so if it’s meant to be, I shall be there on the 10th of October, hoho! 8)

The past few days have been pretty wonderful as well. I got to catch up with my girlfriends in Seattle and Ozzie. E-mails and Facebook does a good job at that. I’m just so thankful that I’ve got such amazing girlfriends who always have my back; these are friends you can always count on no matter what pops up in life, and I love them to bits. I also got to know another girlfriend, she’s really sweet, this one. I sure do hope this friendship blooms just right. :)

Well, these are the little updates I have for now. Hopefully I’ll be back soon, fingers crossed! Oh and have you been watching Gossip Girl? ;)


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Parade Of Elegance. Florence Said.

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  • 1. *Valentine*  |  29September09 at 11:07 pm

    I’m so glad you have amazing friends, my dear!
    Friends are just so important in a life…

    I stopped watching Gossip Girl on season 3 I guess….
    Here in France, we have just 3 billions years late on EVERYTHING : music, films, tv shows…I’m so angry about that!
    I had to go on streaming websites to watch it, because it only arrived on tv 6 months later!

  • 2. Sarah  |  29September09 at 11:13 pm

    *Valentine*: Thanks love! Yupp, I’ve grown to realize how important it is to have true friends. God knows how much friendship turmoils I’ve gone through this year, especially. But am glad through it all, I’ve found out who my true friends are. :)

    Oh, keep watching! It’s just the same here, in Malaysia, where I’m at. We’re super late on everything! So I’ve to rely on the internet and downloads to keep updated with the episodes. Hehe. I love Gossip Girl for their clothes, oh my! If only I had their wardrobe, just half would do. :D And when it comes to music and movies, we’re so behind I tell you. We’re so late that it’s not funny :( But I’ve learnt to live with it, hahaha.

    It’s good to hear from you, hun! Don’t stress yourself out too much packing ;)

  • 3. *Valentine*  |  29September09 at 11:22 pm

    You’re adorable!! :)

    I’m quite stressed out with my moving : no time left to take photos for my blog, and I realize that it became really important to me to blog!
    I love communicate with people (I don’t even know, as my 30 sister tells me) but I don’t care, I love that!
    Maybe it’s superficial and useless, but that makes me happy.
    Moving too makes me happy, but I hate packs in the middle of the room, even if we empty 1 or 2 per day!

    We keep being ornganized, but I’m too stressed out! ARGGG!

  • 4. Sarah  |  29September09 at 11:30 pm

    *Valentine*: I recently moved houses, about two years ago! It was a light move so there wasn’t much boxes but I do recall the stress involved! Poor you. But soon you’ll be enjoying beautiful Paris (from a different angle) again, in your newly furnished apartment. :) Now that’s something to look forward to!

    Oh yes, I feel horrible for not updating and I’m sure to keep snapping photos to put them up in here! I know how you feel! Hehe. Nah, it’s not superficial darl! I used to think so too, before meeting such lovely people (like you) here. It really does give a whole new insight to blogging. It’ll be awesome to get to meet you some day! :)

    Relax, relax! :) Keep thinking of the fact that you’re shifting to a new lovely place, hopefully that’ll release your stress all the more. Packing and unpacking takes A LOT of time. Don’t rush it :) Enjoy the whole process of it before it ends. Hee. Plus, you’ve got your beau with you, makes it more memorable, yeah! ♥

  • 5. katrina  |  30September09 at 10:52 pm

    yay! kiddos. hehehe.

    i really love them too. :) well today, i just experienced something new. a little girl poop on me!! HAHAHA. yeess, even with how much i love kids, i still felt that super disgusting. but after awhile, i got used to it. and i guess thats what parenting is all about right? :) and the worst part was i couldn’t change until i got home, after about 2 hours later. HAHA. and the other day, i had to clean vomit. hehe. it just never ends. :) but i still love my work, but its actually very hard too. hehehe.

    but im glad you started working with something you love doing too! :) but remember to be strict with them, cos like me i made mistake; i manja-ed them TOOOO much, until now they bully meee okay and whenever i scole them – they laugh at me :(( haha.

    well let me know how it goes alright sarah tay!! :D

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