Because Its Bittersweet.

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For the past seven days, I would say I’ve gone through one of the most difficult times in life but at the same time, the best too. All these days were filled with bittersweet memories and events that had a tight grip over me. Some have probably scarred me for life but I guess they are life’s greatest lessons where and when applicable. While it was difficult at home, the boyfriend made things outside the home much brighter and fun to enjoy. It was amazing how he stuck by me throughout the whole ordeal without getting fed up. Really.

I don’t dare say everything is over now but I dare say that God has been working miraculously. Bit by bit, things are getting better and I’m just gonna hang on till I reach the light at the end of the tunnel. And I know, that God has been doing wonders within this life of mine.

I’ve decided to start on a little project that’ll last me throughout the remains of 2009 at least. I’m honestly very excited about it but am yet to get started on it. It’s gonna be a photo journal. Perhaps everyday, I will snap a photo and get it developed – these photos will then be stuck in a notebook that I will be getting very soon! Well, the photos taken can be about anything random and can also reflect my thoughts and feelings at that particular moment in time. It all sounds like a commitment too, risky much? We’ll see how it goes on my end but I promise I will post up shots of my progress as soon as I get started on it. :)) Yeh I’m really excited!

Anyway, have a good week ahead babes! :)


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