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Florence Said.

It was my first day at work – at the kids gymnasium, and it was pure love and fun. I walked in 30 minutes before class, and started absorbing all I needed to know about the way things were carried out. Just about when I was done, this boy came in rather early and he started playing with some toys. His name is Felix and oh my, he’s got such long eyelashes and is very intelligent too. He was really friendly and asked me to help him make a monster with the little plastic blocks :O Along with him, I met his other little friends, Douglas and Kento. It was Kento’s first time in this particular class but was coping pretty well. Felix and Douglas can be pretty sneaky but lovely kids nonetheless.

Next was the younger age group’s turn. Oh the girls were SO adorable! Compared to the first class I went through, this class had 12 of them, and only 5 boys while the rest were girls. The girls were all dressed in pink with little ponytails. My heart melted when they all said, “Hi, Teacher Sarah!” and waved. I taught them to play golf and then we proceeded to the station games. Hee. I was in-charge of six children and this was when I got to talk to them a little bit more.

And then Florence (the one with the pink top and pink hair tie), this little girl in my group, kept hugging and following me around. She held my hands and said, “I really, really like you!” and she sealed the sentence with a smile and a pleasant hug. Again, my heart melted all the more. There was this another girl named Ola who was too chubby! I had so much fun squeezing her, haha. She kept wandering around and often lost her balance. There was Oscar too (the boy on the most right), he came in all pouty and refused to engage in anything. Though after a while, he kept running around, attempting every thing possible. Too adorable.

When I was about to leave, this girl named Kira helped open the door for me. Even after I got out, she was still waiting behind the door, with her face pressed against the glass door. She kept waving at me and I decided to snap a photo of her. I’m gonna miss her – it was her last day today. Three hours went by so fast! Of course, I was tired from all the catching up and running around but it was a good day. I absolutely loved every moment I had at work. Am looking forward to tomorrow! Yupp, I’ll be there tomorrow afternoon again. :))

I hope your days were wonderful. Have a beautiful Thursday, babes!


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Catching Up.

Doesn’t this remind you of the lifehouse in The O.C. (I lovelove The O.C.!)? I wished I had one to run to every time I needed a getaway (like now..), just like how Marissa always did.

So, I’m starting my new job tomorrow and am pretty excited! Let’s hope the kiddos don’t get too wild and pull me down somehow, haha.

Assignments are really piling up. I’ve got an experiment to run once the Ethics Review Board approves of the proposal; a content analysis assignment that deals with an archival research; a case study of a certain disorder which requires me to visit various centers for more in-depth information on patients and the nature of their sickness; and the rest are just journals and paper work. Oh, I’ve got a BioPsych test next week and mid semester exams the following week. Pfft.

I might be able to catch the All-American Rejects live in Malaysia! Though that very well depends if my friend is able to get the tickets for me, so if it’s meant to be, I shall be there on the 10th of October, hoho! 8)

The past few days have been pretty wonderful as well. I got to catch up with my girlfriends in Seattle and Ozzie. E-mails and Facebook does a good job at that. I’m just so thankful that I’ve got such amazing girlfriends who always have my back; these are friends you can always count on no matter what pops up in life, and I love them to bits. I also got to know another girlfriend, she’s really sweet, this one. I sure do hope this friendship blooms just right. :)

Well, these are the little updates I have for now. Hopefully I’ll be back soon, fingers crossed! Oh and have you been watching Gossip Girl? ;)

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Parade Of Elegance.

For one who truly loves the whole idea of marriage and weddings, plus the fact that some dolls can be such a beauty, I absolutely fell head over heels when I came across a whole display of dolled up dolls; each donning beautifully designed wedding gowns and pretty head gears that were specially made for them. Each gown was unique and unlike any of the rest. And all the intricate details on the dresses got me all the more ecstatic. I was in love at that very moment. If only they were on sale, I’d definitely get a few for myself. ;)

Aren’t they gorgeous? There were many more but I was taking a little too much time snapping photos and received some stares. And ooh, I bought a butterfly lantern for the upcoming lantern festival! Happy.

Just today, I went for a part-time job interview and I got it! I’m really excited as I’ll be dealing with kids from 3 to 5 years of age. I really love kids so yes, I truly believe that this part-time job is definitely a blessing from above. Plus, my work schedule is very flexible, allowing me to alternate between studies and the job. What more can I ask for? Can’t wait to go on my first day, next week! I’ll definitely post up some photos of the adorable kids when I get the chance to. :) So yupp, guess that’s all for now babes!

Psst, the weekend is here!

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Shine Like The Sun.

After a whole week of rain that seemed never ending, I finally saw the sun shining like no other (pun intended) today. I am pretty glad to see the sun again; those rainy days were only good for a short while. I’ve snapped sunshine quite a bit but never seen or captured the true beauty of it until today. Enjoy!

See the sun’s horizontal ray? It’s like a partial rainbow, sorta.

The clouds were beautiful too! All fluffy. I’ve always dreamt of jumping on clouds. :))

Like an asterisk! Notice the hues? Lovely ain’t it?

I captured both the sunshine and the bird in the air! Picture perfect. I love this shot the best! ♥

I hope you’d have a lovely week that’s full of sunshine! – Something I’m looking forward to!

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Little Treats.

I decided to have some shortbread for lunch. The day I discovered these tasty little treats, I felt like it was heaven on earth. I took three (didn’t want to get too greedy) out and placed them on a plate, and figured to myself that I should probably start snapping away. So yes, that marked the genesis of my little photo session at home on a holiday. And you would realize that I stumbled upon a lovely basket and was pretty much ready for a picnic!

Though I didn’t quite end up having a picnic. We’ll save the picnic for another day, that’s for sure. I love shortbread. Do you? It sure did feel a lot like Christmas for a bit there, but chup chup, it’s 2 months to Christmas; and a month to being a twenteen (twenty‘s a big number so lets just keep it to a teen as well, hee.). Let’s just embrace what’s now, shall we?

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Catch & Keep.

“Catch a falling star;

And put it in your pocket;

Never let it fade away…”

On a random note, I truly wish for days like these;

A beach getaway would be perfectly fantabulous.

I found these beautiful photos from here. Well you could actually just click on the image to be directed back to the source. In a split second, I fell in love with her photos.

Happy Sunday!

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Night Lights.

I’m back, once again! I’ve been really packed with work as well as other responsibilities, leaving me with no time to post in this little outlet of mine. Well, just a little update on what I’ve been up to lately :) As you can see in the photo above, I’ve been doodling quite a bit in classes. Well it was in my Counseling Skills class, so I really had no choice. Promise!

And yes, I have been thinking and thinking about my daily (not so daily) cuppa. Mm, Starbucks. I guess this really shows my addiction for coffee, yes? :D Honestly, I think that was my highlight of that day. I was ecstatic alright. No kid.

Just this evening, as it was raining cats and dogs, I snapped some photos while cruising (sorta) on the road. I was very careful, by the way. So no worries! The night lights have been very intriguing hence the urge to capture each stretch of lights. And they are indeed really beautiful! Especially on a wet night. Mm. These pictures are not of the best and perfect quality but aesthetically pleasing enough to the eye. Or so I think. Hope you’d enjoy them as much as I did!

I think I’ve finally realized why most composers choose to use this term: in the rear view mirror. :) Beautiful enough.

How exactly is life in the fast lane?

I loved this shot because of the arrow pointing straight ahead.

When days are lonely yet peaceful; or just lonely; or really just peaceful. It really is up to you to decipher.

When there are guidelines and warnings, do we truly take heed? Or do we opt for our own ways?

These photo captions are really just some fleeting thoughts as I glanced through the photos. Perhaps that’s how I interpret these random shots. This is when I truly believe in the phrase, “Pictures paint a thousand words.” Very well said, yes?

I hope you have a happy weekend, darls! :)

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