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9August09 at 11:41 pm 4 comments

For the past few days, I’ve been faithfully surviving on my favorite cup of Tiramisu from Popeyes. All that goodness in a small RM4 cup is more than enough to keep me smiling throughout. People say, I’m quite easy to be bought over when you use anything coffee as the bait. *grin* I choose to not comment on that, hehs. I’m still craving for the Tiramisu from Alexis, by the way. Rawwr.

One night after work, I rushed over to have dinner with Jan at our favorite tomyam stall. Ah such good food, yummy. I love tomyam :D You can feed me that everyday too. He then took me to my favorite spot after dinner, it’s actually like home. Somebody say Starbucks? Coffee after dinner on a chilly night, sucha good combo. Happy girl on the loose, hoho. I’m waiting for my next cuppa already.

I watched The Proposal last week with the boy and truly enjoyed it. The storyline was rather predictable but the way they filmed it was good. And not to mention, Ryan Reynolds looked (looks) as good looking as ever (always always!), hehehe! But yes the movie was a good laugh, it had a sufficient dosage of love and humor. Jan enjoyed it too, so guys, don’t worry it’s not all that bad :) Plus how can I not enjoy a movie that is wedding related? 27 Dresses is an exception, that was just horrible. Hehe. I’d like to watch The Proposal again, really! It’s a happy movie :) I like happy movies. Don’t you?

Speaking of weddings, I promise I shall have some updates about wedding photoshoots and such soonish!

And I still haven’t watched Harry Potter yet! Pooh! And so I heard Thundercats the movie is coming out too?! Hehehehehhe. I loved the cartoon. It was a family thing to watch Thundercats together 8) After watching, we’d all take turns to do the Thundercats chant thingy that goes something like this, “Thunder, thunder, thundercats! Hooooo!” :D Also I’m looking forward to catching Alice in Wonderland :) Heard it’s gonna be really good. Man, I’ve got so many movies that I’m yet to watch, I can’t keep up. Oh noo.

Well this was just a quickie, because I need to get some beauty sleep now. Mm. I hope you had a good weekend ‘cos mine was just alright – I had so many things to keep up with that I hardly had any time to take a chill pill. Well, think happy thoughts and have a lovely week ahead loves! :)


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The Boy. From The Weekend.

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  • 1. *Valentine*  |  10August09 at 10:33 pm

    I adooooored Harry Potter and the half blood prince!!!
    Really really nice film!
    Thare are love stories, I laugh, the film is beautiful : very dark atmoshpere, but wonderful images and special effects!

    I can’t wait for Alice in Wonderland next MARCH!! haha
    But it’s gonna be crazy & magical!

    I’m glad you’re ok with “the boy” :)

    I’m looking for an appartment with my boyfriend, in Paris!
    I’ll talk about it on my blog when we’ll find! :)

  • 2. Sarah  |  10August09 at 11:22 pm

    *Valentine*: Oh now you make me wanna hurry to the big screens! I need to find a time to watch it though, humph. :( I sure do hope it’ll be soon. Were you a fan of the books? I remember going crazy when the books were first published, haha! It was really crazy. I would get my dad to place an order at the local bookstore and the minute I got my hands on the fresh new book, I’d hurry to finish it up :D Hehehe. But of course, making sure I go through every deet in it.

    Alice in Wonderland, next March? Aww that’s such a long time more! I’ll wait, we’ll wait ;) Hehe. Yes, I’m sure it’ll be crazy and magical! I love magical things. They make movies (anything) a tad more interesting.

    Hehe things have been really good with The Boy (Jan) :) And an apartment in Paris, must be truly wonderful. I hope you’d find a beautiful one soon enough! I’ll be waiting for that post then, surely sounds like fun! :))

  • 3. notebookdoodles  |  10August09 at 11:44 pm

    i enjoyed the proposal too :) it was a sweet movie.

  • 4. Sarah  |  11August09 at 11:44 pm

    Notebookdoodles: Hehe I know right! And you were the sweetheart who got me excited about the movie at first. :) It was just too sweet and funny too! x

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