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Sunset Dream.

My summer holidays have come to an end and I’m not too ecstatic about it. I was supposed to have another month’s worth of holidays but due to unforeseen circumstances, I only have a day left. And this means, classes start tomorrow!

On a different note, my results came out on Friday – they’re better than before but definitely below my expectations. Sometimes I don’t want to expect but it really does happen naturally. Maybe it’s just me who does that, maybe it’s not. Do you? I really despise the feeling of being let down by people and even worst, myself. In this case, it was the latter. But it’s a new semester tomorrow so yes, a brand new chance of getting back up! :)

What always remained as a dream and a mere wish became a reality two evenings ago. Jan brought me to this gorgeous lake that is much more prettier than Clarke Quay in Singapore. I’m not kidding. What overlooked this lake was the sun and its rays were reflected on the water. We saw eagles and kingfishers flying around the lake, and even catching fishes. There was sufficient amount of greens, a wedding boutique, restaurants and bars of all sorts surrounding the lake. And it was definitely away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. We sat on a white bench and just gazed into the beautiful sun that was setting. It was one of the most perfect dates we’ve been on and are definitely loving each and every moment spent together. This sunset dream that came true is now but a beautiful memory.

This is the boy who’s got a very special place in my heart. :)

There was an eagle soaring above us. I did my hands like that (refer to photo) in hopes that perhaps, the eagle would take me away. I (we) are silly like that.


We went back there again just last night because I needed a quick getaway from everything. This time there was no sunset, because we were directly under the moonlight and the starry sky. Just sitting on the steps, gazing at the stars, and talking the night away with some jazz playing in the background had such calming effects. Oh, and a little dance completed our perfect night out. You know, I can finally cross out stargazing, a slow dance under the moonlight and watching a sunset from my list thanks to this wonderful boy. It was such a magical night. And it’s for sure that we’ll go back again. After all, it’s our little secret hide out. ;)

And I’ve found a possible spot for my wedding in the future. Let’s hope it’s still there by then. :)

Here, I lived in a reverie.


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Scarlet Love Letter.

So today I received a snail mail from Jan. It was such a pleasant surprise. First things first, I don’t usually wake up at 10a.m. on my own during the holidays, two, he was going out of town for the day and three, I don’t usually receive snail mails! The last mail was probably from Alexa and that’s about it. And when it comes to him, it’s always e-mails. You’d get the gist. ;)

I read his text message and totally thought he was nuts. Or maybe it was a wrong person who sent the text. So i questioned him a few times and when it was confirmed, i rushed to check. I literally jumped up from bed and went to the gate and to my surprise, I saw a brown envelope with my name on it in the postbox. From the handwriting, I knew it could only be him. I got back inside and walked up to my room. While hiding under the blanket with my phone next to me, I read his letter.

It was a very heart-warming love letter that came through the (my) postbox. I could only smile, giggle and feel extremely loved. T’was a nice feeling. It was more than I could ever wish for on a seemingly gloomy day (or any day ‘cos it was just perfect!). And he attached a Starbucks voucher along with the letter, score! He truly knows how to get around me. I mean, he should (better) know!

Sweet surprises from a sweetheart. I’m truly glad and blessed he’s mine. Sucha blessing. :)

p/s: I’ve decided to do away with the photo borders and to enlarge the photo size. What do you think? But the photo source is still around; just click on the photo and you’ll be directed straight back to the source! :)

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What Is.

Yep, what is.

What is the worst feeling have you ever felt some time or another in life? I guess after what had happened today, the worst is… Perhaps, being a by-stander and not being able to do anything – just totally helpless, clueless and useless, even.

This is technically my first pet dog ever and I became the sole witness of his death – from the moment of suffering right till the point he took his last breath. And, gone. He froze in time.


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Sunshine And Love.

A few weeks ago during my random blog clicking spree, I landed on some lovely wedding sites, as per usual. Temptation kicked in and soon I found myself clicking away at the gorgeous photos. Most weddings were set at the beach and some were in the middle of the forest. But of course, those that captivated me were the ones on the beach. Allow me to take you through a little journey of wedding shots?


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Cupid Painted Blind.

Things base and vile, holding no quantity,

Love can transpose to form and dignity,

Love looks not with the eye, but with the mind,

And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.

– William Shakespeare

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This Is Evidence.

I was looking forward to the past weekend for quite a while now simply because I was gonna be attending my boyfriend’s convocation. I was, is and will always (always!) be extremely proud of him. He is someone that I really look up to. Being with him throughout the ups and downs of his university life and getting a chance to see him walk up the stage to receive his cert was certainly a blessing; a once in a lifetime event too.

That’s him on stage receiving the scroll! I couldn’t get a proper shot though. As you can see, I was shaking…

I know that he’s worked extremely hard for it and truly deserves what he got – A First Class Honors in his Bachelors Degree. And I can only dream of obtaining a First Class Honors for my degree as well. Well without a doubt, God’s hand of blessing has always been upon him throughout his whole journey, even in his sleep. It’s so evident. Plus how he juggles both his work and studies, it’s just amazing.

Mr. Graduate.


The very excited and proud girlfriend with the graduate!

With his ever so proud parents. :)

Flowers from his parents.

And with Theodore, from me.

The two of us then had dinner at this cafe with a beautiful interior design. You know me, I’ve got a weakness for brilliant space concepts and designs. The main idea of eating there was to enjoy it anyway. Food comes second, hehe. And then I spotted a transparent umbrella but it was way too expensive :( But it was really pretty. Nevermind, I’ll keep searching.

Once again, congrats love!

And this afternoon, we had lunch at the Lemon Garden Cafe together with his family. I think we all stuffed ourselves silly right up till the end with coffee and tea. What do you expect to happen at a buffet lunch anyway? *grin* The outdoor garden in the hotel was lovely but too bad you can’t walk through the bush maze. If only, if only. :)

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend and I truly enjoyed myself. Definitely one to be cherished. How was your weekend for you? :)

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From The Weekend.

I’ve been missing for about a week now, but I promise I’ll be back with updates! :) Soon I hope, perhaps tomorrow. Well, I just came home from a lovely dinner with the boy after his graduation! That’s a little news for you to hang on to for a while. Photos and deets will be up in the next post. Oh and a wedding post too! So hang in there loves. :)

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