Pastel Nuances.

30July09 at 9:45 pm 9 comments

“You can’t love what you don’t know.

You can’t be truly loved if you’re not truly known.”

– Joshua Harris, Boy meets Girl

As mentioned before, I bought myself a new book that was recommended by a few darlings to me a while back. So far, I am loving the book – Boy meets girl: Say hello to courtship by Joshua Harris. It’s pretty much down to earth plus every principle and story told is tied to many meaningful Bible verses to back it up all the more. I must say, I am inspired and impressed!

I have also spotted a new lovely fragrance – Miss Dior Cherie L’Eau! I’m very particular when it comes to perfumes so yes, this is by far, my second favorite fragrance in years. My first was Elizabeth Arden’s Green Tea. I’m still loving it, btw. :) Alright, I have a confession. I first fell head over heels when I saw the ad on a building. Loved the ribbon font and the colors used! I proceeded to try the new fragrance and oh, it smelt so good. Uh uh, really nice. :)

“Miss Dior Cherie L’Eau is not a complicated fragrance.”, says Francois Demachy, whose idea was to accentuate beauty of simplicity. It possesses a simple formula of cleanliness, freshness and delicate accords. The perfume was envisaged for a young woman of today, who is cheerful and full of joy, who rejects grey days and monotony, and chooses pastel colours instead.


And… that’s me! :)) I’m so gonna get my hands on it!

Moving on, when I was young, I have always wanted to sell my own products. It started with selling lyrical sheets of latest songs – the Titanic theme song, ‘My heart will go on‘ sold best. And then for a while, I sold friendship bracelets – I would come home from school and start working on my orders throughout the day and sometimes, till nightfall. There were, of course, a few more others but sadly I’m unable to recall all of them.

One, is clothes and accessories! My bestfriends and I have decided to bid farewell to a part of our wardrobe (weight gain is the primary issue) and accessories (my drawer is too full that I can’t really close it properly) collection. So do have a look and buy ’em! :D Right now, we’re still doing COD (Cash on Delivery) but yeah, definitely looking toward postage and stuff – even for international purchases. We’ll arrange something, I promise. :)

*click here!*

And two, I am on my way to makinggeneral collection of cards to be sold online! This passion for making handmade goods (especially cards) started a long while back when I was a wee little girl. I used to make cards and little somethings for my parents and friends. Of course, I have always thought of selling but never really noticed the market for it. About a year or two back, the boy nudged me saying that I really should start selling ’em. My oh my, I made heaps of cards and bookmarks for him. Oh yes, scrapbooks too! So, why not? :)

My first for the collection.

It might take a few months until I get the site up and running with my collection but yes, we’ll see how this goes! Oh and I do make customized cards too. Man, I work really well with a theme so yes yes! :) Even right now, with nothing concrete up yet, and if you trust my artwork, do hit me a comment or an email with your orders! :) Suggestions and ideas would really help too!

Pinky promise, I won’t let you down! ;)


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9 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Belle  |  30July09 at 10:15 pm

    *thinks* i’m interested in ordering.. haha… :)
    one day when i need to get a card for someone, i shall enquire more about it… :)

  • 2. Sarah  |  30July09 at 11:17 pm

    Belle: Oh hehe yay! :)) Sounds really good to me. Hehe, yes yes do enquire. :D

  • 3. Jay  |  1August09 at 11:21 am

    Joshua Harris, hahaha!

  • 4. Sarah  |  1August09 at 11:34 am

    Jay: Ahaks, what’s so funny hmm?

  • 5. *Valentine*  |  3August09 at 6:11 pm

    I’m so glad you have tons of projects!!!!
    That’s awesome!


  • 6. *Valentine*  |  3August09 at 6:11 pm

    Your blog is still very cute and fairy by the way…Love it!

  • 7. Sarah  |  3August09 at 6:48 pm

    *Valentine*: Hi huns! Thank you, thank you so much! :) I’m so worried I can’t keep up with these projects though, there’s so much to do and so little time. I’m glad you’re still loving my blog :) Yours is lovely as well, by the way! xx

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