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27July09 at 1:09 am 6 comments

The weekend was fun and yet, a tiring one. I was at the Influence Conference in Glad Tidings on both Friday and Saturday. Sunday was when I totally punctured and oh, the flu bug is slowly catching up on me, along with a tinge of cough. Pfft.

Yours truly, with a new book! More on that later.

Him with a pink balloon!

At the conference, I saw this pretty little girl named Zoey (beautiful name!). Note that I absolutely love little kiddos, hee. She had big round eyes, long hair and bangs upfront.  Akin to any little girl, she was cute, naughty and full of energy. On Saturday, I decided to give her a little pink balloon :D From morning to afternoon, I couldn’t find the right time to do so but soon night came, and I saw her! As though meeting a celebrity, I nervously approached her with the balloon and then gave it to her. :)) Oh man, was I shaking so much inside, haha! What a feeling, yes? Though I thought it was only because her parents were there. Hehe.

About the t-shirts! Yay to female sizes for the male designs. And also, fresh reprints for the old ones that were sold out much, much, much earlier. Without any biasness involved, really, the tees are beautiful! They look better in the female sizes, heh heh. If you have not already seen it, do so here. But if you have, still, just go here. Hehe. Yeh, I got one for myself too! Doesn’t that mean something already?  And don’t worry ‘cos we accept international buyers as well! ;)

Some are aware that I shifted house some years back, leaving my beloved room of 14 years behind. In that very same room did I experience childhood, the pains of growing up, love, heart breaks, fights, happiness, friendship, inspiration, the stress that exams bring about, the love of coffee, and so many more. Indeed, I have hidden so many memories in that little room of mine.

Also have I put up beautiful photos that I adore, those that bring about bittersweet memories, on my wall. Until today, I must admit that I really do miss that room of mine – definitely keepsake worthy. I even thought of filling all the walls of my room with photos! But that was pretty impossible so I resorted to making a heart shape out of the photos, having a little narrow wall as my own photo wall, a strip of both landscape and portrait photos; making like a wallpaper across the room. However the heart shape didn’t work ‘cos I was being very fussy about the size and having to enlarge the heart everytime I’d add new shots, so hehe yeah. Well that particular wall ended up like a neatly arranged photo wall, equal on all sides! Perfectionist at work?

Thinking back, I miss it all. I miss everything about that room and that home. But I guess, the shift was for the better. On a different level, I truly love photo walls. Now that is love. :) By the way, coffee is love too!


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Paper Heart. Pastel Nuances.

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  • 1. L30nArD  |  27July09 at 3:28 am

    Hey You were at INFLUENCE ?
    My brother played the keyboard for the band. He played on Saturday Night Workship. Were you there ?

  • 2. Sarah  |  29July09 at 7:15 pm

    Leonard: Yeah I was, but I wasn’t in the conference, hehe. I just stayed outside to man the booth :)

  • 3. *Valentine*  |  29July09 at 8:01 pm

    I adore your wall with all the photos on it!!!
    So nice…

    Thanx a lot for your adorable comments on my blog, I couldn’ help but smile reading them!
    You’re lovely!

  • 4. Sarah  |  30July09 at 8:40 pm

    *Valentine*: Hi dearest! Oopsie, that’s not my wall – I didn’t have a picture of my own so I took it off some other blogs but it does look similar to the white wall one :) Hehe, you can click on the photo for its source. :)

    And your comments, too, are really sweet as well! I should be the one thanking you! :) x

  • 5. Fern  |  1August09 at 1:47 am

    Oh my.
    I’ve ALWAYS wished I had a polaroid.
    Now you make me want one all the the more!

  • 6. Sarah  |  2August09 at 10:00 pm

    Fern: Hehe, me too okay! I remember I had some polaroids back when I was 12, somehow. My friend had it, so we just snapped away and it was so cool! Like instant photos man 8) Haha. Then after a while, it was close to extinction. Oh wells. I think they still have it in stores now but are pricey for sure.

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