Girlfriends & Cupcakes.

16July09 at 11:14 pm 7 comments

Pretty vintage heart-shaped necklace of mine. I loike.

Met up with the girlfriends for an early lunch in Ikea. I’ve been craving for their meatballs ever since… I can’t remember. So today, I consumed 10 meatballs! And I was pretty bloated afterward, hoh. But it was all good, yums. Lyds is leaving back to Ozzie on Saturday but thankfully she’ll be back end of the year, again. :)

Headed off to buy some baking ingredients afterward with Wei Chin. I happily bought a bottle of sweet silver balls and sugary red hearts! We attempted to make daisy cupcakes but we didn’t have marshmallows so we settled for the normal ones. I went ecstatic over the icing as usual, that’s me and my sweet tooth there. It was both our very first time baking cupcakes so yes, we were very careful. But it turned out well in the end. The icing was a little too sweet so we spared most of the cupcakes by putting only a little. Was definitely a fun baking day out! :) Next round: Chocolate cupcakes!

How could I forget about him, anyway? ;) I spammed it with silver balls ‘cos he really likes ’em. Mm!

I came home, logged in to Facebook, and guess what I saw? My high school friend had tagged me in some photos that were taken back in school! Let’s see, some 4 years back? Literally old school photos!

Our classic routine everyday. They make life in class uber fun! And yes, we make the most random noises too. Hehe. Spotted me yet? I’m in my blazer 8)

Such good memories – prefect duties, sneaking food back into the classroom from the canteen, getting scolding for not clipping my fringe up almost everyday/week (hehehe!), spending most of the time in the school toilet talking, bossing little juniors around (it was really fun), poking fun at the fun teachers, and even escaping to the prefects’ room for “duty” just to skip boring classes like add math, haha. Wished I was back in school sometime, things were so carefree back then, unlike now.  Man, I really miss the school days. Oh the woes.

Anyway, until the weekend, have a wonderful rest-of-the week, loves!


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The Genesis. Second Chances.

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  • 1. Lee En  |  16July09 at 11:43 pm

    Cupcakes :) They look gooooood :)

  • 2. alexagoh  |  17July09 at 1:55 pm

    i love your necklace! and those cupcakes too! ;)

  • 3. Sarah  |  21July09 at 10:03 pm

    Lee En: Hehe, yeaahh! But the icing was a tad bit too sweet, boo. I shall work toward un-sweetening it the next time :D

    Alexa: Thanks love, I love it too! Hehe. Our cupcake session will come soonish ;)

  • 4. georgia  |  23July09 at 8:24 am

    yum. those cupcakes look delish. i went to a wedding a couple of months ago. instead of a wedding cake, they had hundreds of cupcakes. it was really neat. such a cute idea.

  • 5. Sarah  |  23July09 at 11:25 am

    Georgia: Ah, such a brilliant idea! I bet they taste better too, don’t you think? :) I love cupcakes, yumm. With heaps of icing, too! :D Well, I might consider that wedding cake idea next time when I do get married *grin* Hehe.

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