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Pastel Nuances.

“You can’t love what you don’t know.

You can’t be truly loved if you’re not truly known.”

– Joshua Harris, Boy meets Girl

As mentioned before, I bought myself a new book that was recommended by a few darlings to me a while back. So far, I am loving the book – Boy meets girl: Say hello to courtship by Joshua Harris. It’s pretty much down to earth plus every principle and story told is tied to many meaningful Bible verses to back it up all the more. I must say, I am inspired and impressed!

I have also spotted a new lovely fragrance – Miss Dior Cherie L’Eau! I’m very particular when it comes to perfumes so yes, this is by far, my second favorite fragrance in years. My first was Elizabeth Arden’s Green Tea. I’m still loving it, btw. :) Alright, I have a confession. I first fell head over heels when I saw the ad on a building. Loved the ribbon font and the colors used! I proceeded to try the new fragrance and oh, it smelt so good. Uh uh, really nice. :)

“Miss Dior Cherie L’Eau is not a complicated fragrance.”, says Francois Demachy, whose idea was to accentuate beauty of simplicity. It possesses a simple formula of cleanliness, freshness and delicate accords. The perfume was envisaged for a young woman of today, who is cheerful and full of joy, who rejects grey days and monotony, and chooses pastel colours instead.


And… that’s me! :)) I’m so gonna get my hands on it!

Moving on, when I was young, I have always wanted to sell my own products. It started with selling lyrical sheets of latest songs – the Titanic theme song, ‘My heart will go on‘ sold best. And then for a while, I sold friendship bracelets – I would come home from school and start working on my orders throughout the day and sometimes, till nightfall. There were, of course, a few more others but sadly I’m unable to recall all of them.

One, is clothes and accessories! My bestfriends and I have decided to bid farewell to a part of our wardrobe (weight gain is the primary issue) and accessories (my drawer is too full that I can’t really close it properly) collection. So do have a look and buy ’em! :D Right now, we’re still doing COD (Cash on Delivery) but yeah, definitely looking toward postage and stuff – even for international purchases. We’ll arrange something, I promise. :)

*click here!*

And two, I am on my way to makinggeneral collection of cards to be sold online! This passion for making handmade goods (especially cards) started a long while back when I was a wee little girl. I used to make cards and little somethings for my parents and friends. Of course, I have always thought of selling but never really noticed the market for it. About a year or two back, the boy nudged me saying that I really should start selling ’em. My oh my, I made heaps of cards and bookmarks for him. Oh yes, scrapbooks too! So, why not? :)

My first for the collection.

It might take a few months until I get the site up and running with my collection but yes, we’ll see how this goes! Oh and I do make customized cards too. Man, I work really well with a theme so yes yes! :) Even right now, with nothing concrete up yet, and if you trust my artwork, do hit me a comment or an email with your orders! :) Suggestions and ideas would really help too!

Pinky promise, I won’t let you down! ;)


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Photo Wall.

The weekend was fun and yet, a tiring one. I was at the Influence Conference in Glad Tidings on both Friday and Saturday. Sunday was when I totally punctured and oh, the flu bug is slowly catching up on me, along with a tinge of cough. Pfft.

Yours truly, with a new book! More on that later.

Him with a pink balloon!

At the conference, I saw this pretty little girl named Zoey (beautiful name!). Note that I absolutely love little kiddos, hee. She had big round eyes, long hair and bangs upfront.  Akin to any little girl, she was cute, naughty and full of energy. On Saturday, I decided to give her a little pink balloon :D From morning to afternoon, I couldn’t find the right time to do so but soon night came, and I saw her! As though meeting a celebrity, I nervously approached her with the balloon and then gave it to her. :)) Oh man, was I shaking so much inside, haha! What a feeling, yes? Though I thought it was only because her parents were there. Hehe.

About the t-shirts! Yay to female sizes for the male designs. And also, fresh reprints for the old ones that were sold out much, much, much earlier. Without any biasness involved, really, the tees are beautiful! They look better in the female sizes, heh heh. If you have not already seen it, do so here. But if you have, still, just go here. Hehe. Yeh, I got one for myself too! Doesn’t that mean something already?  And don’t worry ‘cos we accept international buyers as well! ;)

Some are aware that I shifted house some years back, leaving my beloved room of 14 years behind. In that very same room did I experience childhood, the pains of growing up, love, heart breaks, fights, happiness, friendship, inspiration, the stress that exams bring about, the love of coffee, and so many more. Indeed, I have hidden so many memories in that little room of mine.

Also have I put up beautiful photos that I adore, those that bring about bittersweet memories, on my wall. Until today, I must admit that I really do miss that room of mine – definitely keepsake worthy. I even thought of filling all the walls of my room with photos! But that was pretty impossible so I resorted to making a heart shape out of the photos, having a little narrow wall as my own photo wall, a strip of both landscape and portrait photos; making like a wallpaper across the room. However the heart shape didn’t work ‘cos I was being very fussy about the size and having to enlarge the heart everytime I’d add new shots, so hehe yeah. Well that particular wall ended up like a neatly arranged photo wall, equal on all sides! Perfectionist at work?

Thinking back, I miss it all. I miss everything about that room and that home. But I guess, the shift was for the better. On a different level, I truly love photo walls. Now that is love. :) By the way, coffee is love too!

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Paper Heart.

Last night, I chanced upon a certain experiment that has gotta do with light, shadows and a paper heart. Surprisingly, it turned out quite well and beautiful. Here are some of ’em!

Yeah, I was making something for him. :D

I’ve been spending a lot of my time with the boy and I must say, I absolutely enjoy every moment spent together. He’s always got his way around me, and guess what? We grin, smile and laugh too much that we almost always end up moody the next day. Our belief? All the happy energy has been fully utilized, hence the grumpy spell. Then again, we often end up laughing again. So, what’s your take on it? I honestly think that I am just tremendously blessed to be with this boy. Yupyup, definitely am! :)

And a webcam shot! I had a goofy smile that day, hurr.

Have a cheerful weekend ahead, babes!

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Second Chances.


I’ve been back from a rather busy weekend and am finally able to catch a breather. Just this afternoon, I watched Nights in Rodanthe, starring Richard Gere. I really enjoyed the movie, it’s lovely and moving storyline. Though my eyes welled up with tears towards the end, hurr. And of course, plus points for having Richard Gere as Paul – definitely an all-time charmer. I’d like to have a house by the beach sometime, or at least a getaway by the beach. That’ll be just perfect.

Last week, the boy and I popped by Borders to look at some books. Somehow along the way, we ended up at the Psychology section and guess what happened? :O

Hilariously classic and so very true!

I met up with some old friends over lunch yesterday. We had Friday’s for lunch and I did a little shopping at the weekend bazaar! I got myself some beautiful hairbands and clips from my cousin’s little shop. And what’s even better was I only needed to pay a quarter of the full price! ;) Such splendid advantages. I’m very happy with my new accessories, hee!

I love sitting on swings like these. :)

This is just one of the many hairbands I bought, hehe.

I’m off for the day, gonna spend some time with the boy over some DVDs and food! Do have a bright and beautiful Tuesday ahead of you! :)

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Girlfriends & Cupcakes.

Pretty vintage heart-shaped necklace of mine. I loike.

Met up with the girlfriends for an early lunch in Ikea. I’ve been craving for their meatballs ever since… I can’t remember. So today, I consumed 10 meatballs! And I was pretty bloated afterward, hoh. But it was all good, yums. Lyds is leaving back to Ozzie on Saturday but thankfully she’ll be back end of the year, again. :)

Headed off to buy some baking ingredients afterward with Wei Chin. I happily bought a bottle of sweet silver balls and sugary red hearts! We attempted to make daisy cupcakes but we didn’t have marshmallows so we settled for the normal ones. I went ecstatic over the icing as usual, that’s me and my sweet tooth there. It was both our very first time baking cupcakes so yes, we were very careful. But it turned out well in the end. The icing was a little too sweet so we spared most of the cupcakes by putting only a little. Was definitely a fun baking day out! :) Next round: Chocolate cupcakes!

How could I forget about him, anyway? ;) I spammed it with silver balls ‘cos he really likes ’em. Mm!

I came home, logged in to Facebook, and guess what I saw? My high school friend had tagged me in some photos that were taken back in school! Let’s see, some 4 years back? Literally old school photos!

Our classic routine everyday. They make life in class uber fun! And yes, we make the most random noises too. Hehe. Spotted me yet? I’m in my blazer 8)

Such good memories – prefect duties, sneaking food back into the classroom from the canteen, getting scolding for not clipping my fringe up almost everyday/week (hehehe!), spending most of the time in the school toilet talking, bossing little juniors around (it was really fun), poking fun at the fun teachers, and even escaping to the prefects’ room for “duty” just to skip boring classes like add math, haha. Wished I was back in school sometime, things were so carefree back then, unlike now.  Man, I really miss the school days. Oh the woes.

Anyway, until the weekend, have a wonderful rest-of-the week, loves!

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The Genesis.

My first week of holidays has officially begun and I’m enjoying every minute of it. Though I must admit, it has been one of my busiest holidays thus far. Without my outings, I’m tied down with various responsibilites and work. I’ve submitted in my resumes to various companies and am anxiously waiting for a reply. Big hopes of getting into some multi-national companies but definitely worth a try. Do keep me in prayer :)

Nights out amidst the street lights have never been so relaxing in a long while. I love driving on the road with very little cars, soft music playing in the background and just simply cruising along the highways. It is definitely one thing I’d like to do more often. Oh how I love my holidays. But time is definitely passing by real fast and the weekend is drawing so near!

I’ve started on my little shopping spree or rather, retail therapy. I bought myself a sparkly red headband, some working clothes and my notebook! I did not end up getting a moleskine but it’s a beauty on it’s own so I guess it’s a good substitute after all. I’m contented.

The lovely Georgia of Jorjah-B has tagged me with a little tag. And here it is!

The rules:

  • Link back to the person who tagged you.
  • List six little things that make you happy.
  • Tag six bloggers and let them know they’re “it”.

Six little things that make me happy;



Hugs & kisses.


Beautiful random designs – my 20th birthday card for the best friend.

Wednesdays – ‘cos I get to see the boy. Hee, I drew this for him some time back ;)

I’ll be tagging…

  1. Teacups & Bows
  2. *Valentine*
  3. Loveology
  4. The Tea Drinking English Rose
  5. Sonia Heng
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Hello Liberty.

As the title so strongly suggests – my holidays are here! My long awaited holidays. Can you smell the breath of fresh air yet? I’ve been waiting for this long-stretched holiday since January? Yes yes, it’s finally here. Oh the joy. Honestly, I’ve never felt so liberated before that it’s almost surreal to me.

There you have it, my to-do list – pretty long huh? Hopefully I’ll get to do it all, or at least, close to all. Hee.

I met up with the boy right after my exam ended and spent the sweet afternoon with him. Had dinner downtown with my lovely bunch of childhood friends. The clock hit 9.30p.m. and we had a little jazz performance – really calming. Have I mentioned that I absolutely love jazz music? T’was a fun night of catching up and just, literally having a good night.

Definitely a great way to kick start my holidays :)

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