Inspiration Strikes.

30June09 at 8:44 pm 10 comments

I might just consider writing a book about The Land of Teethos during the holidays. Let’s say, a holiday project? And I’m pretty sure it sounds foreign to you as for now, ‘cos I randomly came up with that title, hee. It is still under much contemplation and construction, am definitely keeping my fingers crossed! Though I think I’m more excited to design the book layout than the content itself, hoho. But it’ll surely be a handmade book. For as long as I shall live, I shall indulge in handmade goodies. Yes, yes!

Apart from the book, I’ve been wanting to post about these for quite some time. And they’re none other than the lovely Taylor Swift dons a lot of their products, hee. They’re all handmade and the creative souls behind these sweetly beautiful crafty head gears and corsages, started their business off as a hobby – for themselves and friends, and voila, their very own empire of ban.dos. How very interesting, yes? I’ve been victimized and really do intend to get some for my own but, they’re a little too pricy – and they’ve even sorted that out with heart by; all below $50, very much affordable as compared to their other lines. Tempted yet?

All my girlfriends are back from overseas and I’m excited for meet-ups and my long awaited holidays. I have a to-do list for my upcoming holidays which includes a possible internship somewhere, somehow. What do you expect? A three-month holiday; I’d definitely need to do something useful in between at least. Will post my holiday to-do list once they’re actually here. Well, this post calls for a short hiatus – say one week or so? That is until my finals come to an end which happens to be on the fateful nineth of July.

Right then, have a happy and fun week ahead!


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Broken Dreams. A Reverie.

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  • 1. *Valentine*  |  1July09 at 8:32 pm

    Lovely photos & I’m waiting for for your “to-do” holiday list :)

    Have a nice weekend, I go to Amsterdam, with my boyfriend!!

  • 2. Sarah  |  1July09 at 10:35 pm

    *Valentine*: I’ll definitely be posting that up soon – next week hopefully! Can’t wait for the holidays to swing by!

    Aww, and that’s really sweet – going to Amsterdam with your dearest. I’ve been wanting to go on a holiday for quite a while now. Well, do have heaps of fun and snap more photos! ;)

  • 3. *Valentine*  |  1July09 at 10:40 pm

    Yes yex! Can’t wait for your photos & knowing your holidays plans! :)

    I’m going to Amsterdam for only 3 days, but next September, we’re going to Bali for 12 days!!!!
    I’m already super excited! This place looks wonderful.
    People are so nice and I’ll have to take 12 875 986 741 photos there!!!

  • 4. Sarah  |  1July09 at 10:50 pm

    *Valentine*: Ooh, but three days is gonna be quite fun-filled still! Ah, the lovely Bali. I, myself, have been wanting to go to Bali since forever! Haha. It’s sucha beautiful place! – The beaches and the sceneries! Simply breathtaking.

    Looks like you’ve got all your holidays already planned out too! I’m really excited for you! And yes, will be waiting for your photos, hehe! Boo, I envy you. Now you got me thinking about Bali, haha. Mm :D But yes, no doubt it’s gonna be an amazing holiday for both you and your love. =)

  • 5. *Valentine*  |  1July09 at 10:54 pm

    I’ve been wanting to go to Bali since forever too!!! :D

    I’m dreaming about it since years, I thought it was just too expensive to me, but in fact, we booked to plane tickets appart, and then we booked the 5 hostels rooms (in 5 differents towns).
    It’s less expensive than booking a full trip with an Travel Tour agency…

    I’m not complaining about the 3 days in Amsterdam : it’s better than nothing! haha
    But, as I work, and my boyfriend too, we can’t leave when we want, where we want.

    Where would you like to leave for your holidays, dear?

  • 6. Sarah  |  1July09 at 11:05 pm

    *Valentine*: Ooh, I’m sure it’ll be cheaper booking separately. All these travel agencies are out to get more cash, haha! Oh yes, 3 days is a getaway enough for a while already! =) Yeah, that’s true – not much time to go on a holiday. So, future planning and take a break somehow! Hehe.

    Right now, I’m still thinking of three places – Singapore, Thailand or Bali. But it’s pretty pricey for me at the moment, so I’ll have to leave that big holiday plan for another time. :(

    Well, a local beach getaway will be more than perfect for me now (during my coming holidays)! I just want to lie down and star-gaze through the night with my boyfriend. And of course, go splash in the water for a bit during the daytime. Hopefully catch a sunrise or a sunset too, hee. That’ll be lovely. I’m still trying to think of a nice place, hee. :D

  • 7. The Clothes Horse  |  2July09 at 6:21 am

    This is exciting–I always thought they’re other ones were too overpriced!

  • 8. Sarah  |  2July09 at 10:12 pm

    The Clothes Horse: I know right! I use to just drool over them, knowing I’ll never get my hands on one. But I guess they answered our cry! ;)

  • 9. georgia  |  6July09 at 1:49 pm

    i love the things at such lovely pieces. i’ve been seeing them a lot lately.

    i like your blog a lot. it’s serene. thank you for stopping by my photo blog and leaving a thoughtful comment. and for adding it to your blog roll!

    i will return the favor—i’m putting yours on my jorjah-b blog.

    have a great week!


  • 10. Sarah  |  7July09 at 1:46 am

    Georgia: Hi lovely! Thanks for your sweet comment :) Your pictures are beautiful, no doubt about that! I love scrolling down blogs with pretty photos – random like that. Aww, and thanks for adding me to your blogroll! :) Well, you have a happy Tuesday yourself! xo.

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