Two And A Half.

14June09 at 11:04 pm 1 comment

Correction: had have.

The weekend’s been packed to the brim and I hardly had any time to breathe. I attended a seminar with Jan and I must say, it was rather interesting! Well, it was pretty much a whole day thing and one of the highlights – breaking an arrow with my neck!

Yeah, I’m pretty proud of it ‘cos you’ve no idea the kinda emotions I went through before doing it. Referring to the law of contagion, it really did work – Jan was starting to feel my nervousness and fear. I mean, which person in the right mind, would break an arrow with his/her neck? But I needed to do it. The deets are a little too long so yeah, in a nutshell, I broke the arrow (!), into many pieces that I couldn’t locate parts of it afterward. Heart-breaking but at least I got a part of it. Needless to say, Jan did it too of course! He broke the arrow first and I went next. It was definitely an experience.

Us and our broken arrows!

I’m also really attracted to the Thai language. It’s that attractive that I don’t mind sitting down and listening to two people converse in Thai for quite a while? And their people and culture are pretty interesting. I’ve got fat hopes but, Bangkok anyone? No harm praying hard for a Bangkok trip to come by, yes?

It’s Monday tomorrow and am back to classes. Another two weeks plus and I’m officially done with my semester. Have a splendid week ahead, people!


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A Princess, Not A Doll. Castles In The Air.

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  • 1. shilvia  |  14July09 at 11:55 am

    those words in the moleskine…beautiful!!! and bangkok is awesome :)

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