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3June09 at 6:31 pm 3 comments

Care for a pair of Jimmy Choo’s?

I browsed and I picked. These are my favorites.

I’m actually trying to research on Jimmy Choo’s personality based on some psych theories. That don’t sound too interesting, yes? His shoes are gorgeous, btw! Well, I got a little distracted with what I was doing and decided to snap away at two things that mean a lot to me. And amidst all that, I took the liberty to be a little artistic with my snacks – some juicy and seedless red grapes. Snack? Grapes? Yeah, I’m on a little diet thing intending to lose some 3kgs. I was shocked when I stood on the weighing machine some two days ago. And yes, I freaked out and now I’m on my way to return back to my ideal weight – Ideal that is according to my own personal gauge, not by some commercial index.

All dried up now.

Maxis hasn’t been a good provider these few days, especially last night. Pfft. On the bright side, he’s coming home tomorrow. Heh heh heh. I’m excited!


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Safety Pin. Come Around Soon.

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  • 1. Lee En  |  3June09 at 10:23 pm

    i pick the black shoes on the far right top corner :) haha:p have you opened the letter? haha:p it looks unopened in the photo.

  • 2. Sarah  |  5June09 at 12:29 am

    Lee En: Hehe, of course I opened the envelope and read the letter! He gave me strict instructions; 1 hour after he leaves then only can I open it, and I waited obediently! Haha. :D

    And yes, that shoe looks like your type! Hehe, I love ’em all. Gah, you know a pair of Jimmy Choo’s are roughly about 500 pounds? :| I think… I wanna get a pair, hahahaha! Okay, I kid. I can’t afford it at all, pfft. Heh.

  • 3. Lee En  |  5June09 at 9:16 am

    500 pounds. Sigh. Only extremely rich people can afford la. I wish I could get a pair too. They look gorgeous :(

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