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Inspiration Strikes.

I might just consider writing a book about The Land of Teethos during the holidays. Let’s say, a holiday project? And I’m pretty sure it sounds foreign to you as for now, ‘cos I randomly came up with that title, hee. It is still under much contemplation and construction, am definitely keeping my fingers crossed! Though I think I’m more excited to design the book layout than the content itself, hoho. But it’ll surely be a handmade book. For as long as I shall live, I shall indulge in handmade goodies. Yes, yes!

Apart from the book, I’ve been wanting to post about these for quite some time. And they’re none other than the lovely Taylor Swift dons a lot of their products, hee. They’re all handmade and the creative souls behind these sweetly beautiful crafty head gears and corsages, started their business off as a hobby – for themselves and friends, and voila, their very own empire of ban.dos. How very interesting, yes? I’ve been victimized and really do intend to get some for my own but, they’re a little too pricy – and they’ve even sorted that out with heart by; all below $50, very much affordable as compared to their other lines. Tempted yet?

All my girlfriends are back from overseas and I’m excited for meet-ups and my long awaited holidays. I have a to-do list for my upcoming holidays which includes a possible internship somewhere, somehow. What do you expect? A three-month holiday; I’d definitely need to do something useful in between at least. Will post my holiday to-do list once they’re actually here. Well, this post calls for a short hiatus – say one week or so? That is until my finals come to an end which happens to be on the fateful nineth of July.

Right then, have a happy and fun week ahead!


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Broken Dreams.

“… and at the end of broken dreams, He is there.”

Things are starting to unfold a little more than before. I’d think it’s a little promising but on the flipside, I’d rather not get so vulnerable as yet. But it really seems that things are all laid out as for now. Though undeniably, life has pretty much been sailing in the right wind for me. And there’s only one person I’m absolutely thankful to – God.

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The Bicycle Idea.

Being the girl who is pretty much obsessed with beautiful weddings, and inspires to have a garden wedding herself, I stumbled on a beautiful post about a wedding photoshoot in a country setting. A country wedding can do but a garden one sounds better! ;)

One day we were talking about wedding plans and the boy came up with an idea of utilizing a bicycle (while I thought of a boat, hee!) – I just laughed it off in agreement, thinking it was really cute and yet, a stylish idea. So i thought about the bicycle idea and I’d want a white vintage bicycle with a white flower attached on the front basket, yes yes! Anyhoo, to my delight, the bicycle idea truly does work after all! I present to you the beautipixels (beautiful pixels) of the gorgeous wedding. Ooooh. *grin*

I happen to love this shot the best; much happiness and love  is captured.

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This Is Awesome.

By far, the only one movie that kept me at the edge of my seat throughout the entire show; got me clenching both my fists in excitement and anticipation; and even got me tearing (I was really in the show okay, don’t judge me! Though Jan laughed at me..) at some scenes – Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen.

To wrap this movie up in one word? Awesome.

And definitely worth a second watch, perhaps a third and a fourth too! My final verdict? Best movie of all time. Really. I’ve no idea how many times I kept repeating the sentence, “Such a good movie!” to Jan on the way back home. So good, so good.

Well done, Michael Bay. I’m thoroughly impressed!

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It’s Ending.

I am officially in the last week of my semester, which also dates the end of my first year in uni. A short semester tends to fly past so quick that you’re only able to resurface when it’s about to end. My last assigment is to be submitted on Wednesday; last group presentation on Saturday – and I’m straight on for my finals.

Will be catching Transformers tomorrow night and I’m really excited! Josh Duhamel, anyone? Hee. Well, I’ve been a Transformers’ geek ever since young plus I faithfully followed its cartoon. The first movie was amazing, we’ll see about the second. However, I’m pretty sure it’s gonna rock it’s way through. Mm, talk about good movies. I’m determined to catch Harry Potter; The Proposal; Up; Angels & Demons (Yeah, I’ve not watched it yet). I can only think of these movies from the top of my head right now but I’m extremely sure there’s more. Hoho.

Anyway, Jan has been absolutely amazing. Literally, through everything and anything, he’s always been my firm support system. Don’t know what I’d do without him. Simply amazing, and I’m more than blessed.

Well, time to run! Have a fun week ahead!

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Castles In The Air.

“If you have built castles in the air,

your work need not be lost;

that is where they should be.

Now put foundations under them.”

– Henry David Thoreau

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Two And A Half.

Correction: had have.

The weekend’s been packed to the brim and I hardly had any time to breathe. I attended a seminar with Jan and I must say, it was rather interesting! Well, it was pretty much a whole day thing and one of the highlights – breaking an arrow with my neck!

Yeah, I’m pretty proud of it ‘cos you’ve no idea the kinda emotions I went through before doing it. Referring to the law of contagion, it really did work – Jan was starting to feel my nervousness and fear. I mean, which person in the right mind, would break an arrow with his/her neck? But I needed to do it. The deets are a little too long so yeah, in a nutshell, I broke the arrow (!), into many pieces that I couldn’t locate parts of it afterward. Heart-breaking but at least I got a part of it. Needless to say, Jan did it too of course! He broke the arrow first and I went next. It was definitely an experience.

Us and our broken arrows!

I’m also really attracted to the Thai language. It’s that attractive that I don’t mind sitting down and listening to two people converse in Thai for quite a while? And their people and culture are pretty interesting. I’ve got fat hopes but, Bangkok anyone? No harm praying hard for a Bangkok trip to come by, yes?

It’s Monday tomorrow and am back to classes. Another two weeks plus and I’m officially done with my semester. Have a splendid week ahead, people!

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