A Piece Of Me.

27May09 at 10:15 pm 3 comments

“There can scarcely be anything more familiar than human behavior. Nor can there be anything more important. Nonetheless, it is certainly not the thing we understand best.”

– B. F. Skinner

Random updates only because my mind is everywhere and I can’t seem to focus or construct proper long sentences. So leave it as that, will ya?

  • I just collected my IC today! My photo looks like me, finally. 
  • In exactly a week’s time, I’ll no longer have the P sticker on my car.
  • Midterms start on Tuesday, and I’m pretty screwed.
  • I’ve completed my PSY207 assignment for real now.
  • I repainted my nails red. 
  • I just bought some huge & juicy Korean pears!
  • My mom was unaware that I’m turning 20 this November.
  • My phone’s a little cuckoo. I’m greatly depressed but still love it nonetheless.
  • I played badminton today and am feeling rather fit now. *grin*
  • I want and need to get Taylor Swift’s latest album. Tried winning it from the radio but I failed miserably. Mm.

I only have till Friday to study for Tuesday’s paper – talk about insufficient textbooks to cater for a class of roughly 200 students. Pfft. Here’s to cramming all that Human Personality deets in two days!

Enjoy the rest of the week!


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Count To Ten. The Process.

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  • 1. the tea drinking english rose  |  28May09 at 12:13 am

    oooh i love the picture!!! hehe.
    yes yes ofcourse i would not mind exchanging links.
    thank you for your lovely comment.
    so very sweet of you.

  • 2. Clare  |  28May09 at 3:49 pm

    Eh, didn you just finished ur sem not long ago? and now test again? wahhhhhh. crazy right?

  • 3. Sarah  |  28May09 at 5:52 pm

    The Tea Drinking English Rose: I’m sure you’d love the picture. ;) Hehe! It’s very sweet of you to drop by too. Thank you! Stay pink and lovely! xx.

    Clare: Yeah, I did. I only had two weeks of holidays and this is a short sem, so everything’s passing by real fast. Ahaks, really seems like I’m always having exams, huh.

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