Way Up High.

12May09 at 7:49 pm 6 comments

Five of us drove up to Genting just yesterday. It started with a very early morning trip and ended with a satisfying dinner of Bak Kut Teh. Just to add, it was our (Jan and myself) very first trip up to Genting together! *grin* Yeh, I was that excited.

Much love!

Yesterday marked my very first time in the theme park, actually sitting on the rides. The last time I was in the theme park, I was a mere 6 year-old kiddo who wasn’t allowed on the rollercoaster – height was a factor then, but not anymore! Being the adrenaline rush junkie I’ve always been, I went on the historical dangerous Solero Shot and I’m impressed. Jan made sure I tied my hair, haha. Well, how’d it go? It was only that one bit that impressed me – the sudden drop from the highest point, and after that I was pretty let down ‘cos it was only that little bit that made my heart leap. But it wasn’t enough to make me scream ‘cos I really wanted to. All I could remember was me thinking, “Oh, so cool“, heh.  

The girls who dared and the guys didn’t. *gasp*

The infamous Corkscrew was under maintenance, so pfft, no rollercoaster ride. I sat on another mini rollercoaster ride though. But yes, I am yet to sit on a full-on rollercoaster ride ‘cos I’ve never really been on one. Pathetic, I know. Other than that, the other rides were just so-so. Humph.

The men.

And the ladies.

The bunch of us played those typical fun-fair games and we really spent quite a lot on the stall games there. I really had no luck in me that day, it was never on target. On the other hand, Jan tossed the token onto the medium-sized plate and won me a dragon – a really cute one too! I tried winning one for him but I never got to it. I really wanted the small one while everyone else wanted the big one, how ironic.

Our most prized possession!

Bumper car was really exciting. We literally bumped the daylights out of each other. Some people (Jan) just didn’t let me go, haha. Snow World was cold (pun intended) and was really fun. They shifted the igloo to the west side and the cave wasn’t there anymore! The igloo kept me kinda warm ‘cos I was freezing all over – including my feet, the cold creeped through the soles of my Cortez somehow. And yes, the boy brought some snow out and rubbed it on my neck. How sweet, yah? But I took the first step of rubbing it on his cheek. Now, who’s the sweet one? ;)

The five.

There’s more to the trip but I’m too lazy to type out the other details. Ah, such good memories! It was a very funtastic trip. Next on our (my) list? Batu Cave! Hahaha. No, really..


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Against Stereotypes. This Is Love.

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  • 1. Belle  |  12May09 at 10:37 pm

    Haha.. you are just not letting Batu Cave go eh??
    I had an AWESOME time wit you guys.. haha…

  • 2. L30nArD  |  13May09 at 2:42 am

    Wow.. looks like u had loads of fun up there.

    I just wrote a post on genting too.


  • 3. Sarah  |  13May09 at 8:23 pm

    Belle: Yeah I’m not letting it go, haha! Are you in? :D Hahaha. Aww, I really had a great time too hehe!

    Leonard: Hehe yeah, I really did! It was totally fun-packed! Well you seem like you had heaps of fun yourself too =)

  • 4. Belle  |  14May09 at 7:03 pm

    Haha.. when is it? i started my part time job two days after going up to genting.. and it’s mon-fri… lol! unless your trip is during the m’sia school hols, then i prob cant join you in your next quest…

  • 5. Sarah  |  14May09 at 8:49 pm

    Oh, part time where? Then I guess you really can’t then :( But I’ve got a gut feeling that it’s not gonna work out anyway, haha, so don’t worry about it. :P

  • 6. Eunice Chin  |  16May09 at 4:32 pm

    so cool la. i would love to join eh. haha. i’m having my mid-term exam right now -.-”


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