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6May09 at 12:06 am 6 comments

Sweet Valley High story books made fun fairs a big no for me ever since young. Their stories were typical teenage love stories with that dosage of teenage trouble. One story goes like this – Jessica goes to the fun fair with her friends and something unwanted happens. Elizabeth comes to her rescue or some sort and the whole story line or would I say, ineteresting adventure, continues. Boy, was I a fan of SVH books (both junior and senior high), hoho. On the flipside of things, fun fairs can be really fun in reality.

Jan and I went for one just last night! And we really had fun – trying to roll the almost-deflated ball into various numbered holes to accumulate a certain number 34 to win the smallest but cutest white bear and giggling excitedly when we finally got it after two tries; counting and counting the various numbers we had to get to reach the ‘goal’; scooping out random ducks; rolling pingpong balls into a little tunnel-like thing which always ended up in the zero-value tunnel; throwing some real hard little handball-like ball into a tiny hole; throwing darts at little balloons; throwing hoops over starred targets. It was downright fun I tell yah. I felt like a little girl all over again.

Went to McD’s for a drink after the hot and stuffy fun fair and I finally had my trolley ride! Well it was late and there wasn’t anybody left. Okay, there were some people but yeah, not so many that I became the centre of attraction. So it’s all good! The boy had heaps of fun pushing me around the parking lot while I sat like good groceries – it was quite a hard and bumpy ride though. At least I’ve cleared my mind of trolley rides, mm.

Mind you, there were people in that car giggling at me but Jan refused to push the embarrassed me away so I decided to look ahead like nothing was going on.

Nonetheless, it was a really good time with him.

I’m going through the whole trilogy of Lord of the Rings and it’s good, really good! It makes me happy – not because of Legolas (maybe a little) but ‘cos it’s sucha good movie and it never fails to satisfy my movie cravings. Does that sound right? Mm.

Plus, I just watched Marley & Me and it’s a really good watch! I cried truckloads especially towards the end. It really strikes you at the core and it’s so true about the closing statements of the movie – A dog doesn’t care if your rich or poor, clever or dull, smart or dumb. Give him your heart and he’ll give you his. How many people can make you feel rare and pure and special? How many people can make you feel extraordinary? I’ve been watching a few of these animal movies – Bolt, Beverly Hills Chihuahua (of which I learnt a few words in Spanish), Hotel for Dogs – and really, these movies have really been able to move and shake me up quite a bit!



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Been A While. The Boy’s Obsession.

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  • 1. Lee En  |  6May09 at 8:51 pm

    Awwww. So cute. Where was this fun fair? I think I got a little too big to fit into a trolley, unlike you. Hehe:p Marley and Me was really sad! I cried too! Haha:p Guys normally just shake their heads at us emotional girls. Hehe:p

  • 2. Belle  |  6May09 at 10:33 pm

    was the fun fair at bukit jalil?? cuz it looks like it.. haha… you are really SPORTING sarah!!! woot! :)

  • 3. Sarah  |  6May09 at 11:03 pm

    Lee En: Hehe, it’s at Bukit Jalil. Trust me, the trolley was pretty spacious, I’m sure you can. ;) And Marley & Me, hehe! Yeah, I’ve been crying (or tearing) a lot lately at such movies okay! It’s either my emotional side taking over or.. it’s just.. the movie. Haha, I’d like to think it’s the latter :D

    Belle: Annabelly, hello! Yeah, it was at Bukit Jalil. Hehe, and you stay so near! Go check it out! I wanted to go on the other rides – those that gives you the adrenaline rush, but Jan said no. Haha. :D

  • 4. Belle  |  7May09 at 4:01 pm

    Haha… yes.. i do.. it’s like walking distance.. but i’ve never attempted to go there… lol! i wonder why… erm… i think we better try the adrenaline rush rides in Genting.. much safer la… i think… haha.. ;)_

  • 5. sara  |  7May09 at 8:52 pm

    Yeerr… so sweet! I am so happy for you, you know that? I can’t wait to hang out with you again, have girly talks over fried sotong!! Mmmmm~!!!! lovelovelove!!!

  • 6. Sarah  |  7May09 at 11:55 pm

    Belle: Haha I kid you not, I’d trust Genting more. Kinda? Hehe! But definitely, you’ll sit with me through those rides kay! ‘Cos Jan’s not going to and yeaah. Haha. I’m very excited, btw. ;)

    Sara: Hehe, aww thanks hun! :) I’m really really happy too! No emo streaks, bet you’re proud of me :D

    And I really can’t wait for you girls to come home. Seriously. It’s been too long – no random mamak lunches over expensive fried sotong or mango desserts and pretty Aldo hairbands? :D Hehe! Love you heaaaaps!

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