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The Process.


30May09 at 12:14 am 5 comments

A Piece Of Me.

“There can scarcely be anything more familiar than human behavior. Nor can there be anything more important. Nonetheless, it is certainly not the thing we understand best.”

– B. F. Skinner

Random updates only because my mind is everywhere and I can’t seem to focus or construct proper long sentences. So leave it as that, will ya?

  • I just collected my IC today! My photo looks like me, finally. 
  • In exactly a week’s time, I’ll no longer have the P sticker on my car.
  • Midterms start on Tuesday, and I’m pretty screwed.
  • I’ve completed my PSY207 assignment for real now.
  • I repainted my nails red. 
  • I just bought some huge & juicy Korean pears!
  • My mom was unaware that I’m turning 20 this November.
  • My phone’s a little cuckoo. I’m greatly depressed but still love it nonetheless.
  • I played badminton today and am feeling rather fit now. *grin*
  • I want and need to get Taylor Swift’s latest album. Tried winning it from the radio but I failed miserably. Mm.

I only have till Friday to study for Tuesday’s paper – talk about insufficient textbooks to cater for a class of roughly 200 students. Pfft. Here’s to cramming all that Human Personality deets in two days!

Enjoy the rest of the week!

27May09 at 10:15 pm 3 comments

Count To Ten.

Ten Things I Wish I Could Say to Ten Different People (but don’t say their name):

  1. Stop being such a hypocrite.
  2. I really tried, but I truly despise you.
  3. I’m glad we’re way past the past.
  4. I wish things could be better.
  5. I miss how we were some weeks ago.
  6. You should’ve planned all this earlier.
  7. Stop taking things for granted.
  8. Do put yourself in my shoes for a bit, yeah?
  9. I really appreciate you ‘cos it all means a lot to me.
  10. Come back quick!

Nine things about myself:

  1. I just cut my fringe some days ago, all by myself.
  2. My nails are red and am lovin’ it.
  3. I’m supposed to study but I just can’t.
  4. I like waking up to heart-warming morning messages.
  5. I miss my red hair.
  6. A little excited about the future.
  7. I want some chocolate-coated marshmallows now.
  8. Tight bear hugs are really comforting and good.
  9. I’ve not drank coffee for about a month now. :(

Eight ways to win my heart:

  1. Starbucks coffee!
  2. Give me some pretty flower(s).
  3. Listen to my ramblings that often don’t make sense.
  4. Ask me about my day and tell me yours.
  5. Like Chloe – Bring me to the beach! :D I really need it.
  6. Sing me a song and mean the words. It’s okay if you don’t sound good.
  7. Notice minor and almost insignificant changes about me. Obvious changes is a must. Heh.
  8. Just be yourself – sweet, caring and all gentleman-ly.

Seven things that cross my mind a lot:

  1. You.
  2. What to eat.
  3. The need to study.
  4. Friends’ well-being.
  5. My assignments.
  6. Due dates.
  7. What should I do later on.

Six things I do before I fall asleep:

  1. Send a goodnight text message.
  2. Brush my teeth.
  3. Switch my comp or the monitor off.
  4. Think about my outfit for the next day.
  5. Think about what’s gonna happen tomorrow.
  6. Think about what time to wake up.

Five people who mean a lot (in no order whatsoever):

  1. Parents.
  2. Jan.
  3. Azalea.
  4. Lydia.
  5. Mohan.

Four things your wearing right now:

  1. An Ignite t-shirt.
  2. Blue shorts.
  3. An anklet.
  4. Lingerie.

Three places that you would like to go:

  1. New York.
  2. California.
  3. Italy.

Two things you want to do before you die:

  1. Bungee-jump!
  2. Rededicate my life, of course. And say goodbye to my loved ones. Okay, that was three. Oops.

One confession:

  1. I really wanted to work for Hallmark but they’re fully based in the States and that broke a part of me because I don’t plan to fly over. Oh wells.

I tag: Sara; Alexa; Rachel; Sonia; Mei-Fern.

27May09 at 12:13 am 7 comments

Old Flames.

I decided to watch an episode of The O.C. over dinner for reasons such as, I love The O.C. and watching it over and over again doesn’t make me sick as well as, I thought I could use it for an assignment. I popped in the last episode of Season 3 – Marissa, Summer, Seth and Ryan graduates from high school, and it ends with Marissa’s death. Not to mention, I really hated Volchok. Despite the many times I’ve watched this episode, it never fails to bring me to tears. Watching The O.C. brings back many fond memories and hmm, I’m a big fan. Love the cast, and I just really love the series. It’s very sad they cancelled the show. Man,  was I furious when I read about it.

And I must admit that because of The O.C., I want to go to California and in particular, to visit Orange County. It’s a beautiful place, really beautiful. Speaking of beaches, I’m in need to go to a beach. Can’t wait for this sem to be over and done with. Happy thoughts ahead!

23May09 at 10:28 pm 3 comments

Growing Out.

“It’s no good trying to keep up old friendships. It’s painful for both sides. The fact is, one grows out of people, and the only thing is to face it.”

– W. Somerset Maugham

Humans tend to be so naive in their thinking that it clouds their thoughts and judgements right into their old age. I believe that all these dreams we once had are shaped through what we see with our young eyes. But as we grow, reality strikes and it doesn’t seem to head in the direction we expect it to be. And we get crushed.

As mere beings, we often result in using our defense mechanisms to protect ourselves hence resulting in denial and the likes of it. Not only are we in denial but, we just can’t face it when reality strikes. No matter how hard we try to stick together and build bridges, it’s never gonna change. Well, it may work for a while, but it won’t last. People change as time passes. The fact is, time has passed. And there isn’t anything much that we can do but to face it. It’s quite a depressing thought but, I’m thinking, it’s really time to move on.

Perhaps, things were never meant to be anyway. Ever thought of that?



19May09 at 5:46 pm 2 comments

Incoming Extras.

Results are out and I’m not the happiest girl on earth but hey, at the very least, I passed. Heh. Gotta pull my grades up this sem else it’s gonna be rather difficult. I’m both happy and disappointed with myself but I’ll get over it. Pfft.

And I didn’t know that uni students still have that love letter thingymajig going on in them. I know this comes off as very random but hey, can’t you guys master the courage to go up and say a little random hello? But in any way, receiving a love letter from a random someone is pretty flattering to the female kind – totally agreed!

I attended all my classes today, which makes me a very proud girl! Well, it’s only because I don’t normally do that, hoho. I mean, sitting through a 5 hour lecture isn’t exactly easy. In fact, it’s a tough job. No doubt about that! I’m also taking props for today ‘cos I totally forfeited my MC from the doc yesterday. That’s pretty unusual of me but oh well, the efforts taken for an attempt to become a good student.

My wisdom tooth is growing and it’s hurting me! It’s the worst part now – growing out of my gums. Bah, it’s bad.

Laughter at its best.

Oh, and guess who‘s back?!

18May09 at 5:32 pm 3 comments

First Off.

-Marc Johns

Random updates about yours truly; (more…)

16May09 at 9:59 pm 5 comments

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