Baby Love.

23April09 at 11:38 pm 2 comments

She’s already sucking her thumb!

I love babies. And it’s been indeed a long time since there were any babies in the family. But as of today, I am yet another aunt to another newly-born niece. Her mom really loved the name Abby so they named their baby, Abby. Welcome to the world, baby Abby! She’s got really long and beautiful fingers, lotsa hair for a newborn and is quite a heavy baby girl too. 

Her daddy is the happiest man on earth right now while their first daughter couldn’t stop grinning. The minute we stepped into the room, the proud dad was so excited to tell us about his experience during the operation. My cousin figured she’d just want to be over and done with the pain so she opted for a cesarian instead of natural birth. The way her husband described it,

“They cut across, and they pull up the skin/fats/stomach. It’s too heavy that two hands aren’t enough so they needed a few nurses to pull it aside. After checking, digging and cutting, they pull out the bag and the baby, head first of course, like in those movies. It’s just the same like how the movie shows it. The funniest part is after the baby is out, they stuff everything back in and sew her up.” 

I’m telling you, it’s disgusting alright! Even my cousin had to sit on a chair, away from the full view ‘cos it was too bloody and just not scenic. But of course, after all the pain and eeky details, a beautiful baby girl makes it all worth it, yes? But you can totally see the sparkle in her parents’ eyes. So beautiful. Now this is when the hospital is a happy place.


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  • 1. jojeeko  |  24April09 at 12:26 am

    Heellooo Arrnnttieee Yee Mei..!

    All the very very best for your last paper alright! Will be seeing you soon. =)


  • 2. Sarah  |  24April09 at 12:51 am

    Thanks for the aunty wish ngeh ><
    Hehe, yes! I shall be seeing you real soon! =)

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