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Of Fairytales & Dreams.

I love fairytales and I wished they were true. Happy dreams don’t wander off too far from my love scale either. Which girl doesn’t? It gives you the floaty feeling, on the silver-lined clouds – flowers tucked in your hair, running through a garden and a water fountain greets you. You take a spin or two and bump into someone who eventually becomes your other half. Right there and then, he gives you a kiss and glittery dust falls around – suddenly in a world of your own. And nothing else matters anymore.

In reality, the little things are what brings fairytales and dreams a little closer to a girl’s heart. Even when the number 20 is closing in on me as the months swift by, I’m still very much in love with fairytales.



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Hello Goodbye.

And holidays are here, baby! Ah, such bliss. When I need to study for a paper, I don’t. But when I don’t need to study, I feel like studying. How ironic, yes?

On a sad note, thanks to my Management paper this morning, I couldn’t follow the boy and the other three to Krispy Kreme’s official opening in Times Square. Pfft. Super potong. It sounded like heaps of fun – waking up at 4a.m. and waiting in line until they officiated their very first outlet in Malaysia! Now all four of them have got free supply of doughnuts for a month – a dozen each week! It’s definitely an overload of sugar. So while they were waiting in line, I was in the exam hall. Meh.

Speaking about my 9.30a.m. paper today, I’m so thankful that I arrived on time. And it’s only God who made it possible. On a normal Monday morning, my journey from home (Subang) to uni (HELP) takes about an hour and sometimes even less than that, depending on the traffic. I left house at 7.30a.m. intending to reach uni by 8.30a.m. At 8.30a.m., I was still stuck in Subang, roughly 400 metres away from my neighbourhood. One hour for that short distance!

Trust me, today’s jam was exceptional – traffic was at a stand-still for at least 30 minutes. When the clock struck 8.30a.m., I panicked, thinking I would arrive late for my paper and perhaps, maybe unable to sit for my paper even. I prayed. Then I kept complaining and venting out my frustration on Jan and he asked me to pray again. And I prayed.

Right that moment, traffic on my lane started to move – from only moving an inch, I could step on the accelerator even more and soon, I was on the highway but traffic was still at a crawl. It went on till I reached NKVE. The usual jam at the BU toll was there but surprisingly, it wasn’t as jammed as it should be on normal days at that time. A little slow here and there, but I managed to reach uni by 9a.m.! How amazing is that? Really. Not only was I early, but I still had time for a little revision. I would’ve died if I was late for my paper. God works wonders. It was by no coincidence that traffic was smooth after praying. Traffic was horrid and God was amazing. Phew! My encounters with God tend to be pretty outrageous sometimes. I guess in dailies such as these, we can be so thankful for Him and all that he does for us.

Papa John’s pizza is delicious. Their crust is actually yummy if compared to Domino’s and Pizza Hut. The toppings and cheese are scrumptious. It’s all totally worth every penny you have. Really! It’s definitely not your average Malaysian pizza. Pizza, anyone? 

Say yay to holidays, again? :D This time, I’m off to watch some DVDs, series, and to read my story books! Hoho. My top priority this holidays? Catch up on my sleep, big time. My eye bags are really baggy alright. And yes, the bestfriend is coming back in two weeks time! Awesome. Can’t wait!

And you really make me happy!

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Dark Berry.

I’ve fallen in love – an interesting love indeed. The all new Dark Berry Mocha Frap from Starbucks is absolute love. Mm, yeah no doubt about it. Apart from me being a big time coffee fanatic, and constantly going back to the outlet to treat myself to a good cup of coffee, their new drink is definitely making me crave for it all the more. Yes, I’m heading over tomorrow. All biasness aside , it’s just a really good blend of blueberry and mocha – such good complements. Go ahead, and give it a try! It’s love alright. And I’ve influenced a few peeps and the boy to be somewhat indulged in it too. Told yah, it’s good!

Other than displaying my love for coffee, my finals are ending tomorrow by noon! Oh, I can almost taste the sweet scent of freedom. My finals have been dragged on for about three weeks now and really, I just can’t wait to get over and done with it. As you can already guess, I’m not that prepared for tomorrow’s paper because having a one week buffer before your last paper is not a good idea though you’d have ample time to revise and catch up. I slacked like a slacker and really, I’m freaking out just a little bit right now. But yes, God’s been really good to me and I’m praying real hard things will turn out alright when I sit myself in the exam hall.

Over the past weekend, I attended Hazel’s wedding and totally caught a little glimpse of how I’d want mine to be like. Poor Jan, he had to sit through my whole train of thoughts (pun totally intended) about each and every detail of my future wedding. My mom says I’m freaking the boy out a little too much and I might shoo him away. But he says not. I’d surely hope I’m not! *grin* Well at least he participated in my little story time with heaps of feedbacks. He’s quite a fussy boy too! ;)

Ahaks, alright quit day-dreaming already! Back to the books again.

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Twelve Stamps.

For bragging sake, I’ve completed the whole Starbucks Journey card with 12 stamps! Such a joyous ocassion that I jumped up and down like a loco. Okay, I was exaggerating – I just giggled all the way till my drink was ready. Hoho.

6 little details that make me happy:

  1. An outing with the boy.
  2. Kisses on the forehead.
  3. A cuppa at Starbucks.
  4. Surprise gift flowers from the boy.
  5. Chocolates.
  6. Cute little babies/toddlers!

And chocolates remind me of this abso-freakingly cute chocolate bunny! It’s got a bell and it just stares straight at you that makes you not wanna eat it anymore. What a torture. Even if you manage to ignore it’s cutesy face, the ringing bell tied around its neck would make you feel guilty. Plus, bunnies are love so that makes it all the more difficult to eat it. 

Adorable innit?

Also, I managed to catch ‘He’s just not that into you’ and I really enjoyed it. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Anniston made me love the movie all the more. It’s such a happy movie – full of humor and their facts are so true! And I know and agree that guys can be real jerks sometime, but not all guys are like that. I’m not stereotyping alright so let’s just hope the male species don’t hunt me down after this.

Off to the books once again. Have a good weekend, y’all!

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Baby Love.

She’s already sucking her thumb!

I love babies. And it’s been indeed a long time since there were any babies in the family. But as of today, I am yet another aunt to another newly-born niece. Her mom really loved the name Abby so they named their baby, Abby. Welcome to the world, baby Abby! She’s got really long and beautiful fingers, lotsa hair for a newborn and is quite a heavy baby girl too. 

Her daddy is the happiest man on earth right now while their first daughter couldn’t stop grinning. The minute we stepped into the room, the proud dad was so excited to tell us about his experience during the operation. My cousin figured she’d just want to be over and done with the pain so she opted for a cesarian instead of natural birth. The way her husband described it,

“They cut across, and they pull up the skin/fats/stomach. It’s too heavy that two hands aren’t enough so they needed a few nurses to pull it aside. After checking, digging and cutting, they pull out the bag and the baby, head first of course, like in those movies. It’s just the same like how the movie shows it. The funniest part is after the baby is out, they stuff everything back in and sew her up.” 

I’m telling you, it’s disgusting alright! Even my cousin had to sit on a chair, away from the full view ‘cos it was too bloody and just not scenic. But of course, after all the pain and eeky details, a beautiful baby girl makes it all worth it, yes? But you can totally see the sparkle in her parents’ eyes. So beautiful. Now this is when the hospital is a happy place.

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Awaiting Sunrise.

I’ll soon be done with my finals. My third paper ended this afternoon and my last one ends next Monday. But I feel as though I’m over and done with all of ’em. Guess that pretty much explains my being here. Most of my classmates are done with theirs and I envy their freedom. Freedom shall soon be spelt all over me the minute Monday afternoon arrives. Till then, I’m stuck with another thick book to last me the week. 

Yesterday, I looked forward to Wednesday. And today, I’m looking forward to tomorrow. Can’t wait for the sun to rise.

Night folks!

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On The Clock.

The weekend is here and I’m busy squeezing in knowledge for my paper tomorrow. Since my first paper ended, I felt as though it was the end already. How classic. Well I believe that it’s God who is bringing me through all these because it’s clearly impossible for me to do all these on my own. It’s been a while since I studied until the wee hours of the morning and I just did last night, amazingly. Definitely God, I’d say.

Spent yesterday’s afternoon with Lyds in the mall, just eating and eating. After all, that’s what we do best – prey on the most lovely food but of course, according to our craving’s final word. Above all details, it was a really good time with the best friend. It’s been a while since we last caught up on each other like that and on the bright side, just another month or more and you’re back again! Some three weeks and Azalea comes home. Add another month and you’d get Mohan and Lydia flying home as well. Such awesome timing.

Good news is that, I would now be 70% sure that it’ll be a short sem in May due to some restrictions but yes, short sem! Bring on the short sem, baby! I’d jump off a cliff if I don’t get my short sem because it equals to a long break. I’ve been planning ever since last year on the to-do’s during my long break this year; summer break some might call it. Hence I’m gonna fight my way through for my short sem. I’m not gonna be deprived of it all especially when the best girlfriends are home!

Aight, I can’t delay my revisions too much this time around. Chup chup, I’m on the clock!

Have a great weekend ahead, all!


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