Just Like A Play.

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As always, I just caught Gossip Girl ep 18 – The Age of Dissonance. My thoughts on the recent episode? It was alright, no biggie and not a letdown either but it surely did clear up lots of imaginations I had after completing the previous episode with my girlfriends. Well, if you don’t wanna read about what happens in episode 18, you might just wanna click away ;)


Chuck’s little world of finding out what his late father has been up to is finally a closed case, or at least I hope so. But it’s only a closure after finding out that he’s been used for his wealth and having his feelings played all over again. Only soon to realize, that he’s back in Blair’s house. I must admit that while his little adventure of finding out more about his father had just merely kicked off, I was a little excited. As it started to drag on, I got a little edgy and it just made me woozy all the more. But now that he’s come back for Blair, I wonder how it’ll turn out. Hoho!

Blair has finally come to terms that she’s been the evil spot and I’m hoping she changes. But.. There’s always a but when it comes to Blair’s intentions of being a little angel. So here’s the but – when the episode drew to a close, the screen captured her with Carter. And it surely ended with quite a suspicious act – Carter’s hand on Blair’s thigh? I wonder what’s next. I don’t want to experience another heart break with the whole Chair (Chuck & Blair) issue, only because they’re meant to be together. But now with Carter, I’m still at a blur. I’m really hoping that it’s not another hook-up though.


Nate and Vanessa, as always, makes me sick. To a certain point they seemed like a sweet little duo but it makes me wonder sometimes.

Well, at least the scandal between Dan and Miss Carr is over. Miss Carr’s face is too innocent-like that it’s really annoying. And so she’s leaving back to Iowa (She should’ve done that a long time ago..) and Dan is back to being a good son all over again. Have I mentioned that Serena fell for Julian, who’s actually gay? Though I found it pretty interesting how Vanessa helped Serena out through bluetooth when it came to Serena’s little drama practice with Julian. It’s still very odd that Serena and Vanessa seem to be really close. Anyone?

Mm, I wonder where GG takes us next. Really! *wriggles eyebrow* And by the way, I’ve just completed one assignment and that makes me a pretty happy girl right now. Hah.

All righty, off to dance practice!



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