A Little Disconnected.

16March09 at 11:57 am 7 comments

What are the odds that my modem got striked by the old and faithful lightning on Thursday night? And it lasted until today, by which, I obviously got my connection back. What irked me was that, when I needed my connection most, it went poof! Anyway on happy terms, Jan’s home! *grin* Yeaah, he’s backk.

I’m done with all midterm papers for this semester, finally! But finals are in a month’s time and in between I’ve got fantabulous assignments and project reports to be handed in. And that means, no proper study time till I’m done with them, assignments and whatnot.

Over a lunch at the mamak, a study session in Starbucks and Friday the 13th at night – It was quite a Friday for me. And hey, I was pretty impressed with some performances that night ‘cos really, we’ve got some good singers in HELP. 





Her voice was just like Norah Jones, mm. Awesome.


Just over the weekend, I headed over to Starhill to celebrate Sam’s twentieth! It’s a friendship that’s worth twelve years alright. Had dinner at Jake’s, and rushed over to Lecka Lecka after to catch 10 minutes of the Liverpool match. Sam must’ve gotten her best birthday present ever – Liverpool’s win over Manchester United. Anyhoo, the dinner seemed more like a classic school reunion. Afterall, most of us haven’t seen each other for quite a while now. All of us got a little tipsy with hats, balloons, a pistol and a delicious birthday cake so I’ll just allow the pictures to do the talking!











Twelve years and counting!



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Sawadeekaa. An Addition.

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  • 1. jojeeko  |  16March09 at 9:32 pm

    Yay..! You finally updated..! I stole a couple of pictures..=) I had a blast catching up with you and we shall meet up for lunch sometime soon wokayyy. And all the best in doing your assignments cos I’m in the same boat as well..!

  • 2. Sarah  |  16March09 at 10:33 pm

    Hehe yeah, I finally updated it since somebody refuses to get a Facebook account! Go get one la woman ;) Hee. Yeah, it was really good meeting up again after our previous juicy meet up, haha. Not to fo’get, our failed prunes outing :( Hah! But yeah, we should, soon! :) Hehe. Okay not we should, we will! Definitely ;)

  • 3. katrina  |  17March09 at 11:55 pm

    hehe. i like your cam phone la, it makes my hair have a nice colour. :))

    love me hair colour with your cam phone. hehe.

  • 4. jojeeko  |  18March09 at 3:50 am

    I super malas to get a Facebook account lah. Gooi said she’d be my PA and register and maintain the account for me. Hah! GOOODNESS..what ever happened to that “prunes outing”. HAHA..! See you soonnn..!

  • 5. Sarah  |  18March09 at 3:42 pm

    Ahaks, pretty obsessed with your hair color? ;) Hehehe! But I know right, I love my phone too, hehe. *wriggles eyebrow*

  • 6. katrina  |  19March09 at 2:47 am

    hahaha. nola. just found your phone quite fasinating. hehe.

    cos of the super alot of megapixels. hehe. :)

  • 7. Sarah  |  19March09 at 4:35 pm

    Hehe, thank you :D ‘cos I’m lovin’ it too! Haha.

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