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It’s Earth Hour and I had a candle light dinner with my family. And that was only because Friday’s was participating – was pretty difficult when looking at the menu and trying to get the waiter’s attention. Heh. Oh Friday’s. Btw, my whole house didn’t do the Earth Hour thing ‘cos my grandmother would scold us for switching off all the lights, haha.

I was pretty hesitant on Chloe’s tag but oh well, I gave in to doing in after all. Hoho!

Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions.

  1. What is your name: Sarah.
  2. A four letter word: Silk.
  3. A boy’s name: Sylar ;)
  4. A girl’s name: Sabrina.
  5. An occupation: Sales girl.
  6. A color: Silver.
  7. Something you’ll wear: Skirt.
  8. A food: Sushi.
  9. Something found in the bathroom: Soap.
  10. A place: Singapore!
  11. A reason for being late: Stuck in a jam.
  12. Something you’d shout: Siao ah!
  13. A movie title: Serendipity.
  14. Something you drink: Sirap Limau.
  15. A musical group: Secondhand Serenade.
  16. An animal: Seal.
  17. A street name: Sultan Ismail Road? :D
  18. A type of car: Subaru.
  19. The title of a song: Save Tonight.
  20. Tag 5 people: Rachel, Sara, Alexa, Sonia, Mei-Fern!

I dropped by Sonia’s blog and thought her recent post was pretty good. It’s a good shake up for some souls out there. Really.


Haha babe, free advertisement coming right at ya ;)

I’ve been too lazy to start my revision. I was very gungho on doing it but heh. I’m currently drowning myself in guilt. Brrh.

Was having a little chat with an old friend and the reality of people taking on different paths in their lives is just so real. Mm. And the fact that with such little time, they know so much about you? Sometimes I look back and thank God for such friendships though some of them were never meant to last as strong as they were when just blooming. Hur, I’m having a whole train of thoughts right now. Mm.



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Back In Time.

Some good three years back, just after completing my SPM,

And when the best friend just bought her MacBook;


We’re cool like that.

I watched Gossip Girl and it was definitely a better episode than the previous one. Mm though I don’t agree on how things are happening. Pfft. But, typical GG style, I must say. Oh well, old habits die hard. Old flames too? Now that’s quite a hint. Hoho! And by the way, I loved Blair’s dress;



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The Reason.


I know this post would come off as very random but I thought about it when I was working on my assignment. So don’t mind me.

I met this brilliant lecturer in ADP and is by far, the best one ever! And I’m talking about Ms. Khor. Talking about visiting lecturers and spending off-class hours in their offices just chatting amicably? She was the one and only lecturer that I’ve done all that with. Even when I transferred to Foundation, I still went back to have little chats with her, whether in relation to studies, life or even Christianity. Ms. Khor is a lecturer with genuine love, concern, care and support in all sorts of ways. Ah, and she’s full of humor and superbly down to earth.

Not to mention that she’s good at what she does and teaches! You know how some lecturers really don’t know what they’re talking about? Yeah, she’s totally unlike that. Because of her, I loved studying Psychology. She made Psychology really fun and simply lovable. Now this prolly explains why my love for Psych has been deteriorating throughout my stay in Bpsych? I dare not say. But really, Ms. Khor is that fantabulous! I know all those who’ve been through her classes can testify to that ;)

What’s sad is that she shifted out of HELP to INTI, Subang Jaya. I was very sad when one day I went to her office with a little gift and to find out that I was a tad bit too late (Actually, a few months too late..) because she had already left to INTI. Pfft. Oh wells. One thing for sure is that I really miss her. And she is definitely one of the reasons why I’m still lingering around in Psych. Well apart from having no choice and being too late to shift my major, of course, haha.

Another thing, I remember buying a banana from San Francisco’s Coffee with Jovy and wrote a thank you note to her on it using a marker pen at 7.50 a.m. :D Haha. Don’t know if they still sell loose bananas like that there. We were desperate for a last-minute gift, only because we didn’t know that that was our last class. Hee.

Aight, back to my assignment! Actually, think I’m gonna call it a night. Taraa. Do have a less stressful week, everyone.


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It’s almost normal if I’d rant about the pile up of my assignments, projects and of course, my final exams. But I’ve decided, well not really decided but am working on it though, that instead of blogging and complaining about the workload, I’m gonna practice displacement. Uh huh, that’s right, displacement. Well this is only because the workload is so heavy that I really need to do something about it else I’d be screwed. Yep, screwed. So here’s a go at it. 

Just for fun, here’s what I’m working on for my assignment right now. I’m actually writing a poem in regards to Schizophrenia. The poem’s basically about the experiences that a schizophrenic goes through – hallucinations, delusions and the likes of it. To a certain point, I felt like I was getting a little crazy because to feel it, one has really gotta be in the role and it’s not easy at all. Jan read a part of it and I bet he thought I was a little cuckoo – before I explained what it was all about, of course! *chuckles*

And so, there isn’t anything much to blog about in particular but as always, I’ve got a photograph to post up. Personally, I find an entry incomplete without a single picture. Mm. Pictures speak a thousand words, innit? Well there is a thousand words behind this picture. Not literally but well, there is some words.



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In A Daze.

When everyone’s busy with their own dailies, I often catch a fading glimpse of a few very important people in my life. Only this time, I caught it. The girlies are in other countries while the boy is just a few kilometres away from where I’m at. I miss my girlies. Hmm.


Everything & everyone else is blurry except us. Very dreamy, I loike.


We.Are.Different.But.The.Same.Geddit? Because that’s what holds us together.


My best girlfriends with truckloads of love.


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Just Like A Play.

As always, I just caught Gossip Girl ep 18 – The Age of Dissonance. My thoughts on the recent episode? It was alright, no biggie and not a letdown either but it surely did clear up lots of imaginations I had after completing the previous episode with my girlfriends. Well, if you don’t wanna read about what happens in episode 18, you might just wanna click away ;)


Chuck’s little world of finding out what his late father has been up to is finally a closed case, or at least I hope so. But it’s only a closure after finding out that he’s been used for his wealth and having his feelings played all over again. Only soon to realize, that he’s back in Blair’s house. I must admit that while his little adventure of finding out more about his father had just merely kicked off, I was a little excited. As it started to drag on, I got a little edgy and it just made me woozy all the more. But now that he’s come back for Blair, I wonder how it’ll turn out. Hoho!

Blair has finally come to terms that she’s been the evil spot and I’m hoping she changes. But.. There’s always a but when it comes to Blair’s intentions of being a little angel. So here’s the but – when the episode drew to a close, the screen captured her with Carter. And it surely ended with quite a suspicious act – Carter’s hand on Blair’s thigh? I wonder what’s next. I don’t want to experience another heart break with the whole Chair (Chuck & Blair) issue, only because they’re meant to be together. But now with Carter, I’m still at a blur. I’m really hoping that it’s not another hook-up though.


Nate and Vanessa, as always, makes me sick. To a certain point they seemed like a sweet little duo but it makes me wonder sometimes.

Well, at least the scandal between Dan and Miss Carr is over. Miss Carr’s face is too innocent-like that it’s really annoying. And so she’s leaving back to Iowa (She should’ve done that a long time ago..) and Dan is back to being a good son all over again. Have I mentioned that Serena fell for Julian, who’s actually gay? Though I found it pretty interesting how Vanessa helped Serena out through bluetooth when it came to Serena’s little drama practice with Julian. It’s still very odd that Serena and Vanessa seem to be really close. Anyone?

Mm, I wonder where GG takes us next. Really! *wriggles eyebrow* And by the way, I’ve just completed one assignment and that makes me a pretty happy girl right now. Hah.

All righty, off to dance practice!


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An Addition.

When he came back from Thailand, he brought a little Thai bearista back home for me! Well, he gave me some teasers on the first night itself, but it ended up being a major hint that gave it away, hee. But it’s all good. Nyehehe. He’s sucha sweetheart, seriously. ;) So here’s the new addition, hohoho!


A random fact : The Thai Bearista is thinner than the Malaysian one. Haha.


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