Masqueraded Blessing.

25February09 at 10:20 pm 3 comments


God never fails to bless me through the many things I go through every day in life, whether good or bad. This time, I know He has blessed me more than I could ever ask or imagine. Some weeks back in LG, I was reminded that we could thank God everyday for everything and anything at all; the weather, friends, traffic, food, homework, etc. It doesn’t need to be something oh-so-spectacular because thanking Him for everything humbles ourselves back to the fact that everything that we have is ultimately His.

And I’ve started doing that – thanking Him everyday for everything I have, and it’s been good so far! Coming soon would be a major blessing that I’m too excited about but of course, I’ll have to wait for it to come to past first, hee. So, embrace yourselves! Hohoho!

For the past few days, I’ve been heading out with my usual bunch of friends and I’m really savoring every bit of the hangouts and friendships I’ve got back here since the rest of them are overseas. It’s been a jolly good time, I’d say!


See, we’ve shrunk!

p/s: Just as I posted this post, things took a huge u-turn. You know how sometimes it’s just too early to tell if the day is gonna end right or otherwise? And when you think all is right, it takes a 180 degree turn and becomes ugly? Things just got ugly and I’m really thinking and hoping that things will turn out right again. Really hate it when the topic comes up and all I can do is to shut it off to my unconscious thoughts and perhaps, suppress it there, forever. Well it’s all about a masqueraded blessing, yes? All hopes up!



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On The Right Note. An Obsession.

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  • 1. L30nArD  |  26February09 at 12:47 am

    Hola. I think i remember you now.
    Ure one of my classmate. But i cant rmb which class though
    since im taking 6 subject this sem. Bt i shall discover soon.

    See u soon

  • 2. ahxiong  |  26February09 at 7:37 am

    i dowana shrink anymore…. :( haha..

  • 3. Sarah  |  26February09 at 1:41 pm

    Leonard: Oh, is that so? Haha, alrighty then.

    Ahxiong: Haha, then don’t shrink anymore! Keep coming home to Malaysia ;)

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