Stronger Than Yesterday.

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My hands are getting all itchy as of late. The urge of kicking start this blog is very much stronger now. But I’ll need to keep my words of having a certain something occur first before doing so.

Assignments and uni work are really starting to pile its way right up to the top of my head. I see the need to get my butt off the chair and start working but it really doesn’t seem so. All this studying mojo really isn’t my type this time around. I remember I used to be good at this but sadly, not anymore.

Things in my world don’t seem the same anymore. People go in and out, only to leave their footsteps behind and I can’t trace a sound of that. I guess I just really miss the ones who have stepped foot on foreign soil. But hey, at the same time, I’m real happy and proud of them – to be able to grace the chance I’d prolly never have. Being optimistic, maybe in the near future I shall do the same.

Eyes on New York, baby!

Love is in the air, babes. Or is it more of, commercial love? Valentine’s is just around the corner and I see all that heart-shaped helium balloons (heliums are love!), gorgeous red roses, deliciously baked brownies, love-packed candy treats, love letters everywhere I go. The hype is on alright. I’m beginning to sense the Valentines-Day-Boycott thingamajig going on somewhere deep down in me. It must really be the exaggerated hype that’s staining the air. Ths is yours truly, speaking out her mind after an attempted revision on Psychology.

My classmate received a love poem written just for her and another friend wrote a song for his girl. I couldn’t help but to give out oohs and awws throughout. But honestly, it is about who that person is that matters most.

Confession: I’m a sucker for all things sweet and romantic ;) Sucha girl, yes?



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Between Worlds. The Best Ever.

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