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An Obsession.


A particular girlfriend of mine turned twenty, two days ago! As far as I can remember, she’d always come over to my place to have a little lunch of instant noodles and to catch up on movies on the DVD player. Well at that time, DVD players were really in alright. My parents used to nag me for talking on the phone for too long right through midnight. And now that I’ve not spoken on the phone for that many hours, I wonder how we did it back in those days, hmm. That’s what girlfriends do anyway, yes?

She’s always been so sweet and now that we don’t see each other often, she’d always send random encouraging and lovely text messages. Definitely a sweet pea and a thoughtful girlfriend! I do miss the good ol’ days, girl.

With all that, blessed belated twentieth birthday, Jee Lian!

Not forgetting that I’ve found myself a new lovely baby, hohoho! Remember the blessing I was talking about in the entry before this? Yeah, my new phone came in just today but sadly it’s a little screwed up in the insides and is being sent back for a check-up / repair. Humph, totally burst my little joy bubble. But I’m still all ecstatic over it!

I.Finally.Got.My.Long.Awaited.Sony.Ericsson.C905. ;)

As I was about to enter my room, the mail man rudely rang my door bell some seven times before I rushed down to slide the glass door open. I went out, signed on a paper and received my parcel. It was labeled t-shirt on the front. My fingers were crossed since the beginning when I saw the mail man. I ripped the parcel open and there it was, the ever lovely I Love NY t-shirt staring back at me.


Rachel, you’re SO amazing. Really appreciate it heaps! Heaps, I say! Rawwr. Thank you so much! :) It’s really thoughtful of you, love. And, thanks Alexa for sending it over before you left to Ozzie. Imma happier girl thanks to the two of you.



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Masqueraded Blessing.


God never fails to bless me through the many things I go through every day in life, whether good or bad. This time, I know He has blessed me more than I could ever ask or imagine. Some weeks back in LG, I was reminded that we could thank God everyday for everything and anything at all; the weather, friends, traffic, food, homework, etc. It doesn’t need to be something oh-so-spectacular because thanking Him for everything humbles ourselves back to the fact that everything that we have is ultimately His.

And I’ve started doing that – thanking Him everyday for everything I have, and it’s been good so far! Coming soon would be a major blessing that I’m too excited about but of course, I’ll have to wait for it to come to past first, hee. So, embrace yourselves! Hohoho!

For the past few days, I’ve been heading out with my usual bunch of friends and I’m really savoring every bit of the hangouts and friendships I’ve got back here since the rest of them are overseas. It’s been a jolly good time, I’d say!


See, we’ve shrunk!

p/s: Just as I posted this post, things took a huge u-turn. You know how sometimes it’s just too early to tell if the day is gonna end right or otherwise? And when you think all is right, it takes a 180 degree turn and becomes ugly? Things just got ugly and I’m really thinking and hoping that things will turn out right again. Really hate it when the topic comes up and all I can do is to shut it off to my unconscious thoughts and perhaps, suppress it there, forever. Well it’s all about a masqueraded blessing, yes? All hopes up!


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On The Right Note.


After much wait, I’ve finally decided to kick start this blog officially. Uh huh, that is the keyword – official ;) I was getting a little (actually, very) bored with Blogger, which is another reason for shifting. Well, it’s actually been close to six months since I started with this blog but I’ve been meddling around with things and of course, been waiting for the right time to kick it off on the right note.

So here it is, all ready and finally kicked off! And it’s definitely on the right note! *grin*


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Way Above Me.

Right after the clock hit midnight, things got a little ugly and it has swayed down that isle ever since. She is back at this spot where confusion settles in, clouding all thoughts and feelings. The first attempt of laying all the books in front on the table to assist some revision clearly failed miserably. Distracted with much thoughts, books were pushed away as she hit play on the media player. Forty minutes passed and she’s back here again. Back where it all began.

I miss my girls. And you.


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The Best Ever.

“Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone,

I’ll be waiting all there’s left to do is run,

You’ll be the prince and I’ll be the princess,

It’s a love story baby just say yes.”

Love Story by Taylor Swift.


The day came and it was as unexpected as ever. Was pretty caught in giggles and grins, almost forgetting if I actually gave my answer. Nothing too big and extensive, just something sweet, simple and definitely the best day ever.


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Stronger Than Yesterday.


My hands are getting all itchy as of late. The urge of kicking start this blog is very much stronger now. But I’ll need to keep my words of having a certain something occur first before doing so.

Assignments and uni work are really starting to pile its way right up to the top of my head. I see the need to get my butt off the chair and start working but it really doesn’t seem so. All this studying mojo really isn’t my type this time around. I remember I used to be good at this but sadly, not anymore.

Things in my world don’t seem the same anymore. People go in and out, only to leave their footsteps behind and I can’t trace a sound of that. I guess I just really miss the ones who have stepped foot on foreign soil. But hey, at the same time, I’m real happy and proud of them – to be able to grace the chance I’d prolly never have. Being optimistic, maybe in the near future I shall do the same.

Eyes on New York, baby!

Love is in the air, babes. Or is it more of, commercial love? Valentine’s is just around the corner and I see all that heart-shaped helium balloons (heliums are love!), gorgeous red roses, deliciously baked brownies, love-packed candy treats, love letters everywhere I go. The hype is on alright. I’m beginning to sense the Valentines-Day-Boycott thingamajig going on somewhere deep down in me. It must really be the exaggerated hype that’s staining the air. Ths is yours truly, speaking out her mind after an attempted revision on Psychology.

My classmate received a love poem written just for her and another friend wrote a song for his girl. I couldn’t help but to give out oohs and awws throughout. But honestly, it is about who that person is that matters most.

Confession: I’m a sucker for all things sweet and romantic ;) Sucha girl, yes?


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