Stepping Stone.

Hi lovelies!

I hope you are well. Just a little heads up, I’m shifting to my very own self-hosted site, thanks to my boyfriend who helped me set it all up for my 21st as a gift. :)


Please do kindly change your blog links, or if you haven’t linked me, you could now. ;) I apologize for the little trouble but a huge, huge, thank you, loves. This new site is a little different because its main focus will be my photos, so each photo posted on the main page represents a post by itself. Do click away on the photos, and I’d definitely love to have all of you there with me as well. I’m lovin’ the new site, and I’m hoping that all of you would too!

This isn’t goodbye, but this is yet another milestone for yours truly, hence the major shift. Updates on my wonderful 21st birthday celebration will be posted there. So do check in!

Am really looking forward to seeing all of you over at the new site. So yes, I shall see you lovelies over there. ;)

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Turning, Turning, Turned.

Hello beautifuls!

Turning twenty-one is definitely a milestone for me (and most of others), and I’ve made some decisions and to-do lists to accomplish, now that I’ve officially turned the big two-one. While it’s a milestone, I’m taking it as a stepping stone as well, to further improve myself in the various areas of my life that need much attention. No easy feat, but this is a step forward in realizing my dreams. :)

With all that, here’s to a wishful, and hopeful memorable twenty-first birthday! Have a sweet, sweet weekend, loves.


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Two Of Us.

Hi, darlings!

It’s only a day away from November! How has October been for you, lovelies? My October started off on a hectic note, and it is ending on a less hectic note, thankfully. :) The past week was one busy week for yours truly, but I’ve been coping, nonetheless. Y’know, it’s only a matter of time that this year comes to an end, and we’ll be ushering in year 2011. Time really flew this time around. Do you feel it too? Or perhaps I’m the only one, hehe.

The boy and I made some ‘us’ badge magnets last week, and it’s in the photo above. If you haven’t already realize, it’s a Starbucks cup and a computer – I’m a huge fan of Starbucks (lovelove coffee), while the boy is into computers (he’s an I.T. major) – these are two very distinct items in both our lives, which really does resemble us closely. ;) So, I thought, why not?

And I don’t remember if I mentioned it here but I joined a badminton tournament last Saturday, together with the boy. It was a mixed doubles tourney which was held by my college department. We lacked heaps of practice, but decided on joining either way. It was our first tournament together, and our second time competing in a mixed doubles game. And guess what? We came out third in the competition, and received a little trophy with a shuttlecock on it. I believe we could’ve done better but I committed quite a number of mistakes which caused our downfall. But well, better than nothing, ay? :) It was definitely a memorable experience and having partnered my boyfriend in the tourney, it was perhaps the best feeling ever, post-tournament.

Alright loves, I’m off for a family dinner. I’ll be back with another post in a few days time, so do keep checking back for it. :) But until then, have a gorgeous weekend, beautifuls! Much love.

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These Sheets.

I got my comforter cover changed to a new one because it was time to give it a wash. And I’m very happy and at ease with the new cover. It’s so pretty and floral, totally making my night sleep very much more amazing. I love snuggling under the covers, feeling all warm and fuzzy, while it’s cold outside. The past few days have been raining quite a bit, and with the air-conditioner switched on, it feels as though it’s winter. It really does. Now, if only school wasn’t so hectic, everything would be just perfect. :)

What have you been up to, darlings? I hope everything has been sailing in the right wind for you. My twenty-first is about a week away, and I’m really excited. So far, everything is almost settled, thank God. And just yesterday, I picked up my black one-shouldered dress. Yes, I finally made my decision. Hehe. It’s now all about waiting for the day to come by.

Till then, loves. Will be back with more updates from my weekend. :) Have a gorgeous Monday!

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Package Love.

Hey lovelies,

I simply cannot wait to share with all of you what I received in the mail today – a brown package of love from Canada, from the beautiful Sara! It’s my first time receiving a package from a fellow blogger, and I must say, it totally made my day.

When I peeked into the package, my eyes sparkled in delight, because there was so many paper things inside. Since I was on my way out, I decided to wait till I got home before taking everything out. And yes, that was the first thing I did when I got home – explore the lovely package. I loved everything inside – stickers, envelopes, letters, buttons, a button badge, little silver trinkets, dried flowers, photo cut-outs, words of wisdom, notes, and even a mixtape CD!

I’ve been following her blog for quite a while now and she’s been more than a blessing in so many ways. It’s always a joy dropping comments and receiving them from such a sweet, sweet friend. She’s so full of fun and love, and everything wonderful and creative, really. Do drop by her blog, and I promise you that it’ll be an amazing read over at Thursday Afternoons.

Thanks again, Sara! :) And I, too, really love receiving packages/snail mail! – the best ever.

On another note, it’s the weekend, loves! Hope it’ll be a fantabulous weekend for you, wherever you’re at around the globe. Much love.


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Flutter By.

Hope I haven’t lost most of you yet! But I’m back with a little more updates from my end. It’s been a long week since the last I posted. Been going to the gym with the boy, catching up on studies and assignment datelines. Thank God I’m almost through with this week. I’ve got an exam tomorrow on the Ethics of Psychology, and I’m far from being prepared. Oh, please let there be more hours in a day.

On a lighter note, just yesterday, I went to check out the venue for my 21st. It was really, really pretty and perhaps, the perfect place to host it, but it was a little too pricey to begin with. Feeling a little disappointed, I decided to scout the internet for other places around the area. And, looks like I’ve got some other places in mind. So, fingers crossed that this new venue would fit perfectly with what I have planned in mind. :) Before this, it was all about planning the party too early but right now, it’s already mid-October, and I’m just hoping that everything goes smoothly from today onwards. Been thinking of a dress too. Something elegant and classy, yet fun and light-hearted? A halter, or a toga? Hmm. Any suggestions, beautifuls?

Well, I do hope that most of you have been having a week filled with all kinds of wonderful. :) If not, don’t fret, because good things will come by your way soon enough. And who doesn’t like the weekend?  I know, I do.


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Everything In Pink.

The gorgeous centrepiece.

Hi darlings,

I must admit, it’s been a very long time since I last updated. But here I am, finally taking a breather from all the workload, just to give you some updates on the event I attended last week. I do hope that all of you have been having a wonderful week thus far, ‘cos it’s only going to get better! :)

(L-R): Together with the boy; Presenting of the cheque to BCWA from Corina Loi; Emcee, Xandra Ooi with the fragrance ambassador, Nora Danish.

Last Friday, I attended Sa Sa’s Colors & Fragrance Fair and Awards 2010, which was held at the Sunway Pyramid Shopping Centre. The gist of the event was mainly to celebrate the winning fragrances that were voted by the Malaysian consumers. Are you itching to find out which fragrance won the awards? Here we go!

  • Best Women’s Fragrance – Flora by Gucci from P&G PRESTIGE
  • Best Men’s Fragrance – Boss Bottled Night from P&G PRESTIGE
  • Best Couple Fragrance – Dsquared2 He Wood & She Wood from ITF
  • Fragrance Of The Year 2010 – DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom from ADF
  • Special Colorscentsations Award – Free Spirit : Anna Sui Rock Me, Summer Love by P&G PRESTIGE
  • Online People’s Choice Award – Anna Sui Rock Me, Summer Love by P&G PRESTIGE

Also, in an event as big as this, how can one not give back to society? Sa Sa took the opportunity to give back RM1 for every bottle of fragrance sold during the campaign. At the end of it, the amount totaled to RM 13, 389, and was given to the Breast Cancer Welfare Association (BCWA). Sa Sa’s contribution is truly making life beautiful for BCWA.

I’ll be back with more updates. So do hang in there, loves, and have a fab week ahead!

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